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Arena view

Editorial Type: Review     Date: 01-2014    Views: 2642   

3D Laser Mapping now offers Veesus' innovative visualisation software Arena 4D, which integrates multiple visualisation tools with 3D scanned point clouds

Arenas are traditionally venues for assembling the talents of individuals and for displaying them to the assembled masses. It's an appropriate name then for a software application that assembles imagery from a number of resources and integrates them into common, easy to use viewing environments.

As a growing percentage of construction projects are dedicated to the refurbishment of existing buildings, including Grade 1 and 2 listed properties, where a considerable amount of sensitivity is required, or where construction projects are to be attempted in heritage areas, it is important to provide high quality presentations to encourage clients and to persuade those who are yet to be swung behind the proposals.

All guns need to bear on the project then, and that means incorporating the capabilities of 3D laser scanning to produce highly accurate measurement of the most complex structures, with high resolution street level, LIDAR and other aerial photographic images and accurate map data, along with video and audio data to provide the ultimate in visual presentations.

3D Laser Mapping are the developers of StreetMapper and other laser scanning solutions for sectors such as mapping, mining and manufacturing. They specialise in integrating laser scanning hardware with their own software and peripherals to create solutions at the cutting edge of technology, and have recently formed a partnership with Veesus, developers of Arena 4D to provide the common reference frame for a wide variety of data sources.

In spite of the fact that Arena 4D was developed to handle huge 3D laser scanned point clouds, often consisting of billions of points, such large data files can be easily manipulated and viewed without the need for high end computer hardware or even much training, as the software includes a cutting edge point cloud rendering engine that can visualise large data files on standard office PC hardware.

Dr. Graham Hunter, founder and Chairman of 3D Laser Mapping, said "The 3D point cloud data can be integrated with other map layers and even live streamed video, images and audio. Reports and presentations can be created with a single click and High Definition videos generated in near real time."

At the heart of Arena 4D is an extensible plug and play architecture that allows it to integrate multiple data types within a single environment. Arena 4D is also fully time aware so data can be searched and visualised only when relevant and required. Arena 4D also accepts live data streams and can share its view across a network to any web enabled device.

Mark Estcourt, Managing Director of Veesus added, "3D Laser Mapping was a natural partner to extend the reach of Arena 4D within the laser scanning community. With a global network including regional offices, partners and distributors, 3D Laser Mapping is well placed to offer sales and support around the world."

3D Laser Mapping offers a range of terrestrial and mobile mapping solutions, including the world's most accurate mobile mapping system StreetMapper and the truly innovative ZEB1 handheld mapping system. 3D Laser Mapping has also recently brought to market a range of cost effective laser scanning solutions including the brand new mapping grade mobile system V-Mapper and the handheld Mantis Vision scanner.

Through a worldwide network of distributors 3D Laser Mapping is also able to provide frontline support and service for a growing international client base and is the Riegl Premier Distributor for the UK, Ireland and sub-Saharan Africa and the leading distributor of TerraScan software.

Veesus Ltd is a small but agile software company based in the South East of England. With decades of experience in working with LIDAR data Veesus has an expert team whose goal is to extend the utility of a client's data quickly and easily, and to do this seamlessly within current workflows.

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