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Opportunity knocks for SSD

John Scaramuzzo, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Storage Solutions at SanDisk, argues that Cloud and Hyperscale environments offer a variety of applications that are highly suitable for SSD technologies

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Your flexible friend?

A new breed of flexible data centre must emerge to put the CIO "back in the driving seat", argues Andrew Roughan, Commercial Director at Infinity SDC

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High-level access?

Poorly controlled identity & access management (IAM) processes can lead to a myriad of problems, such as regulatory non-compliance where an organisation is audited and company data found to be at risk of being misused. Cloud Hosting magazine investigates

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Don't confuse price with value

When it comes to cloud-based infrastructure services, some potential buyers seem to know the price of everything but the value of nothing, argues Flaviu Radulescu, CEO of bare metal cloud provider Bigstep

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The truly open Cloud

Boris Renski, co-founder of OpenStack vendor Mirantis, explains what is needed to secure the vendor-agnostic cloud - and a level playing field for everyone

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Cloud levels the legal playing field

Ensures law firms of all sizes can remain commercially competitive, says Accesspoint Technologies and Databarracks

HP wheels out Helion

Low-cost managed Virtual Private Cloud service for lighter enterprise workloads

OpenStack Marketplace Now Features Hosted Private Cloud Options

Addition of Hosted Private Cloud category to OpenStack Marketplace underscores interest among enterprises in different OpenStack consumption models

First choice for 1st Easy

Qsan arrays selected by cloud hosting provider

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Reaching for the skies

Europe's 'gateway to space' has teamed up with Interoute to deploy its SuperSites Exploitation Platform in the cloud and help Earth Science tackle geohazards

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Welcome to the September 2014 Newsletter.

This issue of the Cloud Hosting eNewsletter raises a host (pardon the pun) of interesting questions, not least of which, covered in more than one piece, relates to the man at the top of the pile in most IT hierarchies: who, or what, is your CIO? And who, or what, should he/she be? Infinity SDC take a look at software-defined data centres ('Your flexible friend'), but much of the discussion therein centres around how to put the CIO 'back in the driving seat' of the data centre. Is this achievable? Is it even really desirable?

Increasingly the CIO is seen as a conduit between IT and business - translating and explaining in both directions to try to make sure that the two areas are 'on the same page'. Does this mean that the traditional CIO profile - an ex IT director type with a predominantly technical background - is becoming redundant in favour of someone who's made their way up the corporate ladder, who can also 'talk techie'? We'd be interested to hear your views as ever; feel free to let me know what you think via the email below.

David Tyler, david.tyler@btc.co.uk

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