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Storing up trouble?

Everett Dolgner, director of replication product management at Silver Peak, explains what you need to know about using the cloud for backup and recovery initiatives

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How to navigate an increasingly complex IT landscape

IT leaders are facing new levels of complexity as they seek to address business needs, says Neil Thomas, Product Director at Claranet

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The long arm of the law

Nick Rich, Lead Solutions Advisor at Epiq Systems, examines the ongoing legal issues around what has become known as the 'Microsoft Dublin warrant case

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It's an IT Jungle Out There!

Rainforest charity to benefit from iomart campaign being promoted at Cloud Expo 2015

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Public cloud use 'unstoppable', say businesses

UK firms losing battle to prevent staff putting confidential business data in the public cloud

Members only

Cloud Industry Forum launches new scheme for IT and cloud professionals

Helping ISVs move to the cloud

New initiative from HP

Contract killers

Law firm rolls out cloud-based contract management system

Case study

Cloud backup? It's child's play

Play equipment manufacturer Playdale has improved the way it works with a low bandwidth Backup-as-a-Service approach

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Welcome to the April 2015 Newsletter.

As ever, this issue of the Cloud Hosting e-newsletter is packed to the gills with entertaining and informative news and views from industry leaders, not least in our piece from Claranet's Neil Thomas on the new levels of complexity being faced by IT leaders. As Neil says in his piece: "The cloud industry has perpetuated a notion that cloud is simple and cheap, when, in fact, the opposite is often true. While the cloud has enabled all sorts of flexibility and agility, the explosion of available choice has actually driven complexity for most IT teams."

This is one of the toughest dilemmas for buyers and indeed for vendors within the industry: on the one hand we all like to boast about how cloud will make things simpler for customers, while at the same time the sheer range and variety of offerings becomes ever more complicated and bewildering. As has been the case since the early days of IT, it seems we can't help ourselves - we just love to come up with slight variations and versions of our solution offerings, and they all need a new description. No sooner does a potential buyer get his head round today's shopping list than some bright spark in a marketing team comes up with a new buzzword to learn about. Is there a danger that the cloud industry might shoot itself in the foot and actually lose potential sales as a result of over-complicating our messaging? Whatever happened to 'Keep it simple, stupid'?

David Tyler, david.tyler@btc.co.uk

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