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Left to your own devices

Eran Kinsbruner of Perfecto Mobile explains why businesses need a hybrid cloud for testing mobile apps

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Are you losing it?

We live an increasingly surveillance-heavy society, which brings with it challenges to storage technology providers, explains Nick Spittle, General Manager, Storage Products Division at Toshiba Electronics Europe

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Three easy pieces

Hybrid cloud, OpenStack and Open Source Storage are three essential jigsaw pieces for the enterprise of the future, argues Jason Phippen, Head of Global Product Marketing at SUSE

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Must big data mean big risk?

As companies deploy Hadoop for big data, they open critical information to compromise. Tom Kemp of Centrify discusses some of the solutions that exist to solve the problem.

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Is public cloud killing the data centre?

Reports of the death of the data centre as a result of cloud adoption have been greatly exaggerated, argues Roger Keenan, MD of City Lifeline.

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Crowdfunding platform succeeds via managed cloud

Crowdcube grows with Rackspace

From Hong Kong to LA

Interoute goes trans-pacific

Wipro goes SDS for hybrid cloud

Leverages Nexenta to create scalable storage infrastructure for thousands of Virtual Desktop users.

Brightsolid adds Veeam

'Effortless' cloud backup repository

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Case study

On the move

Manufacturing firm Interroll has transitioned its WAN from MPLS to the internet, reducing costs and improving SaaS application performance

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Office moves

Managed global growth was strategically important for conveyor belt manufacturer Ammeraal Beltech, and a cloud-based CRM solution has proven core to their successful expansion

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Welcome to the September 2015 Newsletter.

This issue of our e-newsletter includes a highly contentious - but eminently readable - article from Suse's Jason Phippen, who firmly believes that 'the strategy that built the data centre of the past isn't going to deliver the data centre of the future.' Phippen argues: "Outside of the 'hyperscalers' hardly anyone will be able to afford to own and host all their compute power on premise. In the future a proportion of your compute power is going to be in public clouds, one way or another, sooner or later."

And he's probably right: analysts IDC have named hybrid cloud one of the biggest IT trends for 2015, forecasting that by the end of the year more than 65% of enterprises world-wide will commit to hybrid cloud. Phippen's argument is that whilst the concept is easy to understand, cloud computing platforms often don't interoperate well, and moving data from one proprietary cloud to another or from a private cloud to a public cloud can be a surprisingly difficult and expensive process: he says for instance that "Amazon Glacier looks like the ultimate cold store, and the eye-catching promise of $0.01 per GB is absolutely correct, but when you factor in the bandwidth charges then should you wish to retrieve or move that data the attraction fades." The core of the article is the idea that cloud may have made IT a utility - as simple and as easy to manage as your gas bill. Yet, while we all know there are many advantages to paying by OpEx over CapEx, over time cloud might actually mean you end up paying more - just in smaller instalments. I'd love to know what you think of this view - as ever, you can email me at the address below.

David Tyler

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