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A picture of health?

From big data to wearable devices, Jack Bedell-Pearce, Managing Director of 4D-DC, summarises the key drivers - and top tips - for cloud adoption in the health sector

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'Hard yards ahead' for UK IT managers

New research from CSP Redcentric suggests five 'cloud personas' among IT managers.

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Time for a reality check?

Len Padilla, VP of product strategy at NTT Communications in Europe, explains why businesses are struggling with cloud complexity

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Start me up

The cloud can offer a major boost for UK start-ups, suggests Monica Brink, director product marketing, iland

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Huawei announces UK cloud hosting centre

Europe-wide launch for Digital InCloud services

Boardroom driving cloud adoption

Directors behind 60% of migrations, says Rackspace study

MS and Red Hat partner to facilitate hybrid cloud

'Delivering new standard' for enterprise cloud experiences

iomart expands network capacity

New Cisco routers will help satisfy growing demand

Case study

Driving force

Commercial vehicle systems manufacturer Truck-Lite is adopting an IaaS approach in order to enhance its Europe-wide infrastructure and processes

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Optimising the desktop

VESK, the UK's largest provider of hosted virtual desktops, has chosen NexentaStor to support its increasing storage and IOPS requirements and growing portfolio of cloud services

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Welcome to the November 2015 Newsletter.

This issue of our e-newsletter includes an eminently readable analysis of some recent research from cloud service provider Redcentric, in which they suggest that UK IT managers tend to fall into one of five distinct 'personas': I wonder if you recognise yourself - or a colleague/boss in the descriptions? The majority of IT managers, according to the survey, (50%) described themselves as ‘evolutionary’ - taking a steady approach where cloud is a natural progression for the business. Only 4% were risk-taking ‘experimenters’, willing to accept the ups and downs of moving to the cloud and not entirely sure the direction they will take. The rest were 16% ‘accelerators’ - who want to move to the cloud as fast as possible, 16% ‘progressives’ - who want to use cloud to make bold business changes and 15% ‘cautionaries’ - who are most cynical about cloud overall.

While it might seem logical - and indeed probably just human nature - to err on the side of caution as an IT manager, the reality is that we probably all need to be a bit more willing to take some risks. In an industry as fast-moving as cloud IT there is a real danger not just for those who stand and wait, but also for those who are moving with the times - but a little too slowly. Of course it's easy to suggest such things from my ivory tower as a journalist reporting on the industry; we'd love to hear what you think on the 'front line'. Feel free to email me your views on the address below.

David Tyler

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