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Computing Security Awards

Winners all the Way!

The Computing Security Awards are now a 'must attend' date in the calendars of more and more businesses. 2013 is certain to be as hotly contested as ever before.

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Security and the Rise of Compliance-based Auditing

Adopting best practice, as laid down in recognised information security compliance standards, makes good business sense - but does not guarantee security .

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Beating back the Cyber Terrorists

The UK's defences against cyber attacks are being strengthened under new plans that will see the Ministry of Defence working with its biggest contractors

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Towering Challenge

Just like the story of the Tower of Babel, technology often speaks in far too many tongues - encryption being a case in point. It's time for greater unity of voice and purpose

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Adapt - or Go Under!

BYOD is proving a massive challenge for businesses. But standing in the way of such change would be a futile and damaging response, they've been warned.

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Data Breach Rate Soaring

A new report from Iron Mountain and global professional advisors PwC suggests that European firms are being overtaken by surging volumes of information and are exposed to unprecedented levels of risk.

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Arbor keeps Liquid Telecom in Peak Condition

Liquid Telecom has selected Arbor's Peakflow SP platform for its network visibility and reporting capabilities, along with its ability to detect and understand availability threats, improve traffic engineering, peering relationships and service performance

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Fantasy Deal becomes Reality for Securstore

Securstore has recently been chosen by the Fantasy League to protect its business data.

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Are Employees the Biggest Risk?

Research commissioned by McAfee has found that, despite British SMEs providing training in IT and security, employees fail to prevent breaches and data leaks.

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Greater Protection

Trustwave has announced new software that helps businesses better defend against the onslaught of security threats that puts their confidential data and operations at risk - while improving day-to-day intelligence, visibility and management

International Fight against Cybercrime

The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) and the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to strengthen the security of Cyberspace


Tightening Your Defences

How do you recognise when traditional anti-malware just isn't enough - and what can you do about it? Deep Secure offers some insights .

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Key Factors in a Mobile World

As mobile device management becomes an ever greater challenge, its convergence with two-factor authentication is one significant outcome .

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Titania Nipper Studio

Total compliance with data protection regulations is now essential, otherwise businesses could find themselves faced with hefty fines. There are a wide range of security auditing solutions available, but some can be prohibitively expensive, many rely only on network scanning and few extend their focus beyond firewalls.

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White papers

AIIM survey into digital signatures

"Digital Signatures - making the business case" .

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Password Protected: A Survey On Two-Factor Authentication

The background to eliminating insecure passwords

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Secure Mobile Workflows

The majority of employees now demand their choice of apps, collaboration spaces, and cloud storage. Each personalized, consumer-grade workspace enables productive collaboration: employees can efficiently navigate around their workdays and a host of smartphones and tablets. .

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Welcome to the August edition of the Computing Security Newsletter.

The threat the UK is facing from cyber attacks is disturbing in its scale and complexity. The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) of Parliament recently published its Annual Report for 2012-2013 and it makes for intriguing - and often disturbing - reading. The chairman of the ISC, Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP, had this to say when delivering its findings:

'We have been told this year that the threat is at its highest level ever. The theft of intellectual property, personal details, and classified information causes significant harm, both financial and non-financial. It is incumbent on everyone - individuals, companies and the Government - to take responsibility for their own cyber security. We support the Government's efforts to raise awareness and, more importantly, to strengthen our nation’s defences.

"The agencies continue to focus on countering hostile foreign activity and covert intelligence gathering. However, they acknowledge that much of their work remains preparatory. The scale of the UK's effort will need to be constantly reviewed against that not just of our adversaries, but also our allies: the committee is concerned that this is an area where the UK cannot afford to fall behind."

All in all, security has never had such a high profile - nor more determined enemies. Whether it be at governmental level or within organisations across the UK, the need for vigilance is a constant. In a very uncertain world, only one thing remains certain: that the threats will continue to grow and so the determination to match these must constantly prove their equal.

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Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security




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