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Why the Pen can be mightier than the sword

Penetration ('pen') testing is the practice of attacking your systems and network to seek out any vulnerabilities that others might try to exploit. It could save you and your customers from the hackers and attackers out there

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What will be Big in 2014?

The burning issues that organisations are in the throes of dealing with this year are already proving to be highly challenging, as we enter the second quarter of 2014. Brian Wall reports

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Time to wake up to a world of threats

While connectivity has become near universal, enterprise security has not, leaving too many organisations blind to potentially fierce attacks

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BYOD - handle with care!

Bring your own device - BYOD - has the potential to transform the way an enterprise works. But the process needs careful management, if that experience is to be a truly positive one

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Tom Cross wins top honour

Lancope's director of security research, Tom Cross, has been named a Ponemon Institute Distinguished Fellow

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Raising the standard for cyber security is vital

Organisations will now have to meet a rigorous new cyber security 'kitemark' if they want to work with the UK government

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UK office workers bombarded with phishing scams

UK office workers are being bombarded with phishing emails, with the majority seeing as many as 10 attacks hitting their inboxes every day

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DDoS attacks wreak havoc upon data centres

Recent Ponemon Institute research has shown that DDoS attacks are wreaking havoc on data centres.

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Cyber victims total soars

91% of organisations have suffered a cyber attack at least once in the last 12 months, according to new findings


Why Windows 8 is so gr8!

Tim Ager says the demise of Windows xp is no cause for lamentation - Windows 8 has so much to offer

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ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

ManageEngine's EventLog Analyzer (MEA) offers an interesting alternative to the mainstream SIEM (security information and event management) solutions

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Computing Security Awards

The 2013 Computing Security Awards at the Hotel Russell in London were a huge success, as people from right across the industry gathered to hear who had triumphed - and carried off the much coveted winners' accolades. Here we profile some of last year's winners

Network Access Control Solution of the Year 2013

WINNER: Trustwave - Network Access Control

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Encryption Solution of the Year 2013

WINNER: CenterTools - DriveLock

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White papers

Password Protected: A Survey On Two-Factor Authentication

The background to eliminating insecure passwords

Cloud-Based Services: Easing The I.T Burden While Taking Control

The potential benefits of employing cloud-based services, either in place of existing IT resources or alongside them, are undoubtedly significant, as this white paper from GFI Cloud makes clear.

Inside the criminal mind

Infoblox has launched a whitepaper that takes a sideways look at DNS security from the perspective of a cybercriminal

Welcome to the March 2014 Newsletter.

Everywhere you turn, it seems that another malicious attack is taking place. A particularly intriguing one of late - though not if you've been hit by it, of course! - is Kaspersky Lab's discovery of 'The Mask' (aka Careto). This is an advanced Spanish-language speaking threat actor that has been involved in global cyber-espionage operations, in one guise of another, since at least 2007. The latest onslaught has been noted as one of the most advanced campaigns to date, due to the complexity of the toolset used by the attackers.

And it's the 'big boys' primarily that are the cyber-espionage program's targets, such as government institutions, diplomatic offices and embassies, energy, oil and gas companies, research organisations and activists. Several reasons lead Kaspersky Lab researchers to believe this could be a nation-state sponsored campaign, which, in terms of sophistication, puts it ahead of Duqu (a sophisticated Trojan that seems to have been written by the same people who created the infamous Stuxnet worm. Its main purpose, states Kapersky Lab expert Ryan Naraine, is to act as a backdoor into the system and facilitate the theft of private information).

Over 31 countries have been affected so far by The Mask, with 380 unique victims, according to Kapersky, with the UK experiencing 109 of these unique attacks, making it the third most targeted country globally. All of which is to say that the attack landscape has never been so threatening. While technology will help to keep you safe, it isn't the whole answer. To go with that, you need to have the right processes and policies in place - across your organisation. And they are only right when rigorously and constantly implemented.

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Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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