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The year ahead – what lies in wait

2015 may be even more daunting than last year. Here’s what you can look forward to – or not! – according to the experts

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The firewall: what has changed over time?

Ashish Patel of McAfee, part of Intel Security, looks back at 25 years of firewall development

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Time for friendly enforcement!

With more and more mobile applications flooding the market, mobile monitoring and device management have never been so vital

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FTP issues and how to avoid them

Network analyst Patrick Clark offers his expert views on File Transfer Protocol

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Destroying the ROI of Cybercrime

Advanced Web Security can help in the fight against cybercrime, states Chris Taylor, global marketing, Cyren

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Product Review

8MAN: from protected-networks.com

Active Directory auditing can be a huge challenge when it comes to compliancy. 8MAN simplifies the processes involved immensely

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Combatting the insider threat

Insider abuse is a growing problem, where perpetrators with legitimate access to sensitive data are removing it

Don’t get left on the shelf!

New data has been released about the 'shelfware' problem that plagues businesses

'Selfies' that aim to catch out device thieves

A ‘selfie’ with a difference: to track down stolen devices

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New malware unlocks corporate defences for hackers

New malware is allowing hackers to authenticate as any corporate user

Cyber crime soars up the risk barometer

Cyber and political hazards are the big movers in a risk barometer just released

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BAE Systems' silver lining

BAE has acquired cyber service provider Perimeter Internetworking, trading as Silver Sky

What keeps digital leaders awake at night?

Security, loss of data and cloud security all keep digital leaders awake at night, says BCS

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Book Review

Negotiating the more slippery slopes

With security breaches topping £1.15m for many larger organisations, the role of the security architect has become critical

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White papers

Password Protected: A Survey On Two-Factor Authentication

The background to eliminating insecure passwords

Cloud-Based Services: Easing The I.T Burden While Taking Control

The potential benefits of employing cloud-based services, either in place of existing IT resources or alongside them, are undoubtedly significant, as this white paper from GFI Cloud makes clear.

Inside the criminal mind

Infoblox has launched a whitepaper that takes a sideways look at DNS security from the perspective of a cybercriminal



As we start to look forward to the awards for 2015, an event that is already shaping up to be a very hard-fought contest, here are some more winners from 2014:

Mobile Security Solution of the Year - Security 2014

WINNER: Palo Alto Networks - GP 100
Steve Gerrard and Alex Raistrick accepted the trophy

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Cloud Security Solution of the Year - 2014

WINNER: Assuria - Assuria Log Manager MSP
Terry Pudwell and David Woodcock stepped up to receive the honours

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Messaging Security Solution of the Year 2014

WINNER: WINNER: Voltage Security - SecureMail
Karen Sweetman accepted the award for Voltage Security

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Welcome to the February 2015 Newsletter.

In the government's cyber security strategy, 'Protecting and promoting the UK in a digital world', there is a much emphasis on how increasing our reliance on cyberspace brings new opportunities, but also new threats. And it's true that, while cyberspace fosters open markets and open societies, this in itself can also make us more vulnerable to those who want to harm us by compromising or damaging our critical data and systems.

As the report points out: "The networks on which we now rely for our daily lives transcend organisational and national boundaries. Events in cyberspace can happen at immense speed, outstripping traditional responses (for example, the exploitation of cyberspace can mean crimes such as fraud can be committed remotely, and on an industrial scale).

"Although we have ways of managing risks in cyberspace, they do not match this complex and dynamic environment. So we need a new and transformative programme to improve our game domestically, as well as continuing to work with other countries on an international response."

No one could argue with any of these sentiments. However, we all need to do more to secure our safety of ourselves. It is not enough to rely on government to protect us, no matter how sound the strategy or convincing the arguments. All enterprises need to measure their own vulnerability as the threats continue to escalate, making available the budget required to put the right level of protection in place. Cyber damage should not be looked at retroactively. By then, it may well be too late to regret the lack of upfront investment that might have protected you.

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Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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