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Hacking Cloud Compliance Reviews

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Finger on the security pulse

In a bid to outwit the fraudsters, biometrics is beginning to exert an ever greater influence

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Technologies to keep you safe

Global analyst Gartner offers some insights into how you can best protect your organisation

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Cloud gets personal

IBM has patented the design for a data privacy engine to help protect personal data globally

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Seeking out hidden threats

Predictive analytics can help security professionals seek out the enemy when they attack

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Five FTP Server Security Fails

Network analyst Patrick Clark offers his thoughts on how FTP servers could be more secure

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What time is the next hack due?

Cyber terrorists hack into Bristol bus timetable site TravelWest

New Infosecurity conference

Infosecurity Europe to launch 'Infosecurity Intelligent Defence’ conference this year

Temps handed admin privileges

72% of temp workers given admin privileges on employers’ IT systems

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Cyber security Masters degree, online

New online master's degree in cyber security arrives

$710m move to snare Tripwire

Belden to purchase cyber security company Tripwire for US$710 million

Impact of Sony attack widens

In the wake of the massive hack against Sony, beware the malware ‘Destover’

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Global push for better security

A global online resource for building cyber security capacity has been launched

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Product Review

8MAN: from protected-networks.com

Active Directory auditing can be a huge challenge when it comes to compliancy. 8MAN simplifies the processes involved immensely

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White papers

Password Protected: A Survey On Two-Factor Authentication

The background to eliminating insecure passwords

Cloud-Based Services: Easing The IT Burden While Taking Control

The potential benefits of employing cloud-based services, either in place of existing IT resources or alongside them, are undoubtedly significant, as this white paper from GFI Cloud makes clear.>

Inside the criminal mind

Infoblox has launched a whitepaper that takes a sideways look at DNS security from the perspective of a cybercriminal



As we start to look forward to the awards for 2015, an event that is already shaping up to be a very hard-fought contest, here are some more winners from 2014:

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Solution of the Year - Security 2014

WINNER: WatchGuard - WatchGuard APT Blocker

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Fraud Prevention Award - Security 2014

WINNER: ZeroDayLab

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Security Service Provider of the Year 2014

WINNER: Nettitude

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Welcome to the March 2015 Newsletter.

Recent high-profile hacking attacks and data breaches, such as those affecting Sony, Netflix, health insurer Anthem and parking ticket website PaymyPCN.net, have served to increase substantially public and business concerns about the real-world implications of cybercrime.

With growing numbers of hacking attacks aimed at harvesting valuable data such as healthcare records and credit card numbers, the public are increasingly feeling the full effects of data misuse, as well as the companies being breached.

Public concern has risen by 60% regarding cyber crime and the impact it will have on personal income, credit ratings, access to public services and business productivity, as well as the time and hassle involved in untangling the mess caused by fraud, ID theft and data misuse.

To that end, GFI Software has recently released the findings of a major independent blind study into the cyber security concerns of the general public. Commissioned by GFI and carried out by Opinion Matters amongst over 1,000 office workers in the UK, the research reveals stark concerns about the rise of cybercrime and its impact on society and the business world… all in all, a timely reminder that we are all under constant threat or attack, whether we realise it or not.

A copy of the full survey results and infographic can be found at: www.gfi.com/documents/

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Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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