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Hacking Cloud Compliance Reviews

White papers

How to avoid a tangled Web

Web 2.0 aids enterprises in conducting business, but also introduces many damaging risks. Trend Micro offers its insights into Web application vulnerabilities and how to avoid these

Meeting European Data Protection and Security Requirements with CipherCloud Solutions

This white paper investigates how encryption and tokenisation of data can help companies that are subject both to EU data protection and general security laws to adopt cloud-based solutions and remain in legal compliance

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Thank you for making your nominations for the 2015 Computing Security Awards. We now know which companies, products and individuals are in contention for the silverware but who will be the ultimate winners ? We ask you now to decide this by casting your votes. Click here to vote

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Don't be a data breach casualty!

Users need a system that develops and resists the countless attack patterns attackers now deploy

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Under pressure, taking control

Managed service providers may offer expertise, knowledge and then infrastructure you need. But do they always outperform the in-house option?

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Shadow IT - hassle and bliss for IT departments

‘Shadow IT’ divides companies into IT department and the rest of the people, getting businesses are off to a bad start, warns Roman Foeckl, CEO of CoSoSys

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Tipping the balance!

How do you best manage the upwardly mobile workforce? Patrick Warley, Integral Memory, offers his 7 TOP tips

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Promoting a culture of security awareness

Dr Anand Narasimhan, Sims Recycling Solutions, on why instilling attentiveness around security is so critical

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UK lags behind Germany in patching ability

Survey finds that UK organisations don’t match their German counterparts in reacting to cyber threats

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Time to stem the breach

Some 20% of IT security professionals have witnessed a breach being hidden or covered up

Huge increase in malware

New report worrying stats for global threats and attacks

Crime-busting academy unveiled

Industry professionals, law enforcers and academics join forces against cyber criminals

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Average cost of a data breach soars

The average cost of a UK data breach has soared to a staggering £2.37 million

WALLIX launches WAB On Demand

WALLIX launches offering dedicated to privileged access management on demand

Sims Recycling Solutions achieves CAS-S accreditation

Sims Recycling Solutions is amongst the first organisations to be awarded the CAS-S (CESG Assured Service Sanitisation) industry certification standard

Product Reviews

macmon NAC

macmon NAC’s agentless architecture means it can be installed and protecting your network within 24 hours

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Titania TEC

Titania has a sharp focus on data security compliance and its latest TEC aims to make regulatory auditing on all network devices a breeze

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Integral Memory Crypto SSD

During testing, we found Integral Memory’s Crypto SSD extremely easy to use and capable of providing a completely transparent encryption/decryption process

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Case Study

Libraesva secures major client

The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology was looking for a new anti-spam solution that reduced resource overhead committed to their existing solution. The trail led to Libraesva

Welcome to the August 2015 Newsletter.
It’s good to see that a new careers hub has been set up to encourage people into the cyber security industry – and then keep them there. It’s a welcome move and long overdue, many would argue.

Launched by Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey at Reform’s ‘Cyber security: assurance, resilience, response’ conference, the Inspired Careers website (www.inspiredcareers.org) has been designed to help address the cyber security skills shortage by attracting new people into the industry, and providing professional career paths and opportunities.

The site has been developed with funding from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) as part of the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Programme, with the support of CREST, the not-for-profit body that represents the technical information assurance industry.

Inspired Careers offers ‘day in the life’ filmed interviews; internship, apprenticeship, work experience and more senior level vacancies; academic and professional courses and certifications; social media resources, whitepapers and suggestions on next careers choices.

Employers are being encouraged to publicise internship and other work-based training on the site to give students the opportunity to experience real-world cyber security work. This will also help to address demand for high-calibre future recruits by giving them the knowledge and practical experience they need.

For more details, go to www.inspiredcareers.org or contact: admin@inspired-careers.org.

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Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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