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More of our winners from the 2015 Computing Security Awards:

Network Security Solution of the Year

WINNER: Titania – Nipper Studio. Nipper Studio takes home this title for a second time at the awards
RUNNER-UP: Fortinet – Fortigate

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Encryption Solution of the Year

WINNER: Integral Memory – Crypto SSD. Award recognises support for the Crypto SSD range
RUNNER-UP: Egress – Egress Switch

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DLP Solution of the Year

WINNER: CoSoSys – EndPoint Protector 4. CoSoSys takes the award for second year in a row
RUNNER-UP: Varonis – IDU Classification Framework

All of the 2015 Awards results can be seen by going to:


Please note: the winning products and services will not necessarily be the only solutions or the newest solutions available from the respective suppliers. You should contact these suppliers directly to learn more about what they can offer.

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CODE RED! An essential guide to protecting your data

How to minimise the likelihood that unauthorised code can manipulate applications

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The Exploitation Game

Your guide to detecting and blocking exploits attempting to use software vulnerabilities

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Northamber out to shake up security market

With a newly launched solutions division and two security vendors just signed up, distributor Northamber is aiming to drive growth to new heights

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Frictionless Security

'Adam Boone, chief marketing officer at Certes Networks, sets out three principles for protecting applications in the modern enterprise

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Macro Malware: An Unexpected Return

The re-emergence of macro malware after a decade in the doldrums does not augur well, warns CYREN

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The Changing Compliance Landscape: Going Circular

Anand Narasimhan, director UK, EU & NI, Sims Recycling Solutions, explains the ‘Circular Economy’ and what it mean for your organisation

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Time to move IT security management in-house?

Should you take the outsourced support or in-house route for IT security solutions? Simon Jackson, commercial director, VCW Security, looks at the arguments

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Understanding the differences between antivirus and anti-malware

Seeking the best way to reducing your attack surface? Internet security company Malwarebytes offers its expert insights

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Protecting applications from Firewall failure

How to protect applications, in the context of changing network access and a porous perimeter - Certes Networks provides the strategy

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Product Reviews

The CryptoFlow App from Certes Networks

Certes' enterprise products are deployed globally and, it states proudly, have not once been hacked in 15 years of service

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Lepide Auditor Suite 15.2

Change auditing is essential for enterprises, helping them to comply with ever tougher data protection regulation

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Thycotic Secret Server

Privileged account credentials are the number one target for today's cyber criminals

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Titania PAWS Studio 2.4.4

SMBs that want to show compliance with data protection regulations will like Titania's PAWS Studio a lot

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British Gas hack sparks warning

A British Gas hack has sparked admonitions in its wake

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Complaints from public soar

Record number of complaints concerning personal data safety fears

Traditional defences simply not enough

Vulnerable, distributed network environments mean firewalls and antivirus are no longer enough

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Data-centric model is ‘key to our security’

New call for organisations to focus on their precious data

Certes announces SOTI alliance

New partnership to enable simplified end-to-end security for users on the go

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White papers

How to avoid a tangled Web

Web 2.0 aids enterprises in conducting business, but also introduces many damaging risks. Trend Micro offers its insights into Web application vulnerabilities and how to avoid these

Meeting European Data Protection and Security Requirements with CipherCloud Solutions

This white paper investigates how encryption and tokenisation of data can help companies that are subject both to EU data protection and general security laws to adopt cloud-based solutions and remain in legal compliance

Welcome to the December 2015 Newsletter.
In our Jan-Feb 2016 issue, we will be bringing you some of the top predictions from the experts about what will be uppermost in people’s minds, security wise, as we enter another year. It makes for intriguing, and often disturbing, reading.

Meanwhile, global research analyst Gartner has this to say, as far as cloud security is concerned: “Through 2020, 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer's fault. Security concerns remain the most common reason for avoiding the use of public cloud services. However, only a small percentage of the security incidents impacting enterprises using the cloud have been due to vulnerabilities that were the provider's fault. This does not mean that organisations should assume that using a cloud means that whatever they do within that cloud will necessarily be secure.

“The characteristics of the parts of the cloud stack under customer control can make cloud computing a highly efficient way for naive users to leverage poor practices, which can easily result in widespread security or compliance failures. The growing recognition of the enterprise's responsibility for the appropriate use of the public cloud is reflected in the growing market for cloud control tools.”

Gartner continues: “By 2018, 50% of enterprises with more than 1,000 users will use cloud access security broker products to monitor and manage their use of SaaS and other forms of public cloud, reflecting the growing recognition that, although clouds are usually secure, the secure use of public clouds requires explicit effort on the part of the cloud customer.”

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Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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