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Recognition Hardware Software Strategy


Scan more, print less

Small businesses can save money by replacing their 'print and copy culture' with intelligent document scanning, according to a recent white paper produced on behalf of PFU Fujitsu. DM Magazine takes a closer look at the figures

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Paperless Healthcare - untangling the mess

Dr. Vijay Magon, Managing Director, CCube Solutions, explains how NHS Trusts, working closely with suppliers, can realise tangible benefits by careful use of existing technologies to successfully deliver Paperless Healthcare

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ECM at the crossroads

ECM has been with us as a concept for more than ten years now. As it approaches maturity and attains double-digit growth, are we any closer to seeing company-wide ECM implementations? Following the recent launch of AIIM's report 'ECM at the Crossroads', Doug Miles of AIIM's Market Intelligence Division looks at where ECM is currently and focuses on the next steps for enterprises to take with ECM

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Intelligent Document Recognition

Classification/extraction made easy by ibml

Controlling the information explosion

Total capture platform from Kodak

ReadSoft acquires Expert Systems

Adding SaaS to the mix

Workshare launches Open API

Develop more feature-rich apps

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Product review

IRIScan Mouse

New device combines mouse and portable scanner in one

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Toward the future-proof office

Following the review of their new imageFORMULA P-208 ultra-portable wireless scanner in our last issue, DM Editor David Tyler speaks to Tim Brosnihan, Marketing Manager for Document Scanning Solutions, Canon Europe

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Banking on mobile

Bruce Orcutt, director of product marketing for mobile at Kofax, discusses the benefits of engaging with customers - and capturing information - at the 'Point of Origination'

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Making storage pay

The more digital content that companies capture and need access to, the more strategic the role of data storage becomes to an organisation. But how, asks Howard Frear of EASY Software, can CIOs maximise the value of the technologies involved and ensure that they don't become a spiralling cost burden?

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Case studies

Cranking up the volume

Document Management specialist Cintas has been able to increase its scanning capacity to over 500 million images per year since implementing ibml ImageTrac capture technologies .

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Home improvements

Housing Association Adactus has regained control of its Accounts Payable function since implementing invoice automation technologies, reducing both time and cost of processing

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Aggregate results

Breedon Aggregates has been able to streamline proof-of-delivery management with capture and document management solutions, saving time and money and at the same time improving customer service levels .

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Legal Ease

South Yorkshire solicitors Rhodes Hickmotts is using Kodak i4600 production scanners for an archiving and collaboration solution that is proving much faster and more efficient than the previous MFP-based solution .

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White Papers

Intelligent Document Understanding

Kodak's guide to transforming a whirlwind of data, from very different sources and formats, into valuable business knowledge.

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Capture at Point of Entry or Point of Origination?

There's a lot of talk these days about a new approach to distributed scanning dubbed "Point of Origination™," but has the rhetoric gone too far? Ibml's Dan Lucarini considers the key issues.

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Welcome to the July edition of the Document Manager magazine eNewsletter

As we swelter in the intense heat (only occasionally relieved by torrential rain, as is usual for British Summertime!), it is hard to look ahead to October - but that is what we are doing right now at DM Magazine, as we are already knee-deep in planning for the DM Awards which take place in London in just a few short months.

As I mentioned in the last eNewsletter, nominations are now open for the 2013 Awards, and we have already had a huge response from readers who are keen to ensure that their DM/ECM hardware or software of choice doesn't miss out on the chance to win one of our coveted prizes! Head to www.dmawards.com now if you haven't already nominated your own favourites.

In this edition of the eNewsletter you will find some fascinating analysis from AIIM on where ECM is right now, and where it is going. We also focus on financial services as a potential 'hot-spot' in the area of mobile capture: Kofax's Bruce Orcutt argues that mobile has the capability to "force a company to do a paradigm shift from using data capture as a passive tool to harnessing it as a power-horse at the point of origination". See if you agree!

David Tyler

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