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Gathering intelligence

Ashley Keil of ibml describes how Big Data challenges can be addressed via Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) technologies

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A picture of health

This time last year, Dr. Vijay Magon of CCube Solutions asked 'Where next for the Health service?' In this follow-up piece, he updates us on the key issues now facing the sector

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There is an alternative

If you're in the market for business scanners you are no longer limited to the established big brands. DM Magazine takes a look at Avision, who offer a wide variety of alternatives to the 'usual suspects'

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Clinical precision

Leading BPO utilises ibml platform to digitise millions of pages for NHS Foundation Trust

Safe as houses with Kofax Mortgage Agility

Transforming the 'first mile' of the mortgage application process

Falcon takes off at OPEX

Reducing prep for 'the only scanner you'll ever need'

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Formscan and Becker join forces

Bringing together two experienced ABBYY capture & document businesses

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Only human

Howard Frear, Director of Sales and Marketing at EASY Software, proposes that HR functions may be lagging behind in their use of document automation technologies, and it might be impacting their efficiency

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Case study

Scanning on account

One leading French accountancy business has realised remarkable time savings since introducing a capture solution to its client book-keeping service

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Document Manager Resource Guide (DMRG)

About the DMRG

The Document Manager Resource Guide aims to bring you the information you need, in the format of most use to you. Whether you are comparing hardware suppliers, sourcing relevant resellers, or looking for a new system development, this online directory offers the most comprehensive resource available for this market. Click here to find out more

DMRG Highlights: DocuWare Ltd

DocuWare (founded 1988) ranks among the world‘s leading Document Management software companies. Whether as an on-premise or as a cloud solution, DocuWare provides all the components needed for Enterprise Content Management

DMRG Highlights: Fortrus

Fortrus solutions are available through several Government Procurement Service Frameworks; including the Digital Services Framework, the Software Application Solutions Framework, GCloudIII Framework and the London and South Framework.

White Papers

Intelligent Document Understanding

Kodak's guide to transforming a whirlwind of data, from very different sources and formats, into valuable business knowledge

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Capture at Point of Entry or Point of Origination?

There's a lot of talk these days about a new approach to distributed scanning dubbed "Point of Origination™," but has the rhetoric gone too far? Ibml's Dan Lucarini considers the key issues

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Welcome to the August 2014 Newsletter.

By the time you read this, the nominations stage of this year's DM Awards will be closed, and the finalists listed on the website www.dmawards.com - apart from the Project Awards, for which we allow a little more time for entries. Do take a look at the finalists and cast your vote for the businesses and products that you think most deserve to be recognised this year. Several categories this year have broken records for numbers of nominations - it'd be great if we could also boast of a record-breaking number of votes cast!

Lots of the editorial in this edition of the DM e-Newsletter focuses on scanning news, case studies and opinions - not unnaturally given the fact that capture from paper is still central to the vast majority of DM applications, of course. But it does make us wonder if we will ever see the day when scanning as a concept is no longer worthy of writing about in and of itself. How long have we been discussing the paperless office - or its current equivalent, the 'less paper' office? Every year we see the AIIM research that, while undoubtedly showing progress, always seems to suggest that there is still a long way to go. We'd love to know what you think - feel free to share your thoughts via the email address below.

David Tyler


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