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Continental drift

As we look to 2015, asks Sabine Holocher of PFU, is it worth revisiting the question, 'Will Europe go completely paperless'?

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Not bad for a one-year-old!

Kodak Alaris has existed as a business entity for just over a year now. DM Editor David Tyler attended the company's recent Partner Forum to find out how the oldest one year-old in the industry was getting on

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Will 2015 be the year that ECM takes centre stage?

Howard Frear, Director of Sales and Marketing at EASY Software UK, looks at the trends he sees emerging in the year ahead and what DM practitioners should be doing to take advantage of growth opportunities

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Only 15% of organisations using DM in the cloud...

...yet 95% recognise the benefits, says new survey

Shire force

Storetec to provide DM services to the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation

Ready to scan (almost!) anything

Combined ADF/flatbed scanner from Xerox Scanners

KGS goes for Kodak

BPO replaces entire scanner estate in UK and Czech Republic


Users aren't buying scanners any more

We speak to Erik Banis, whose Xerox Scanners business came almost out of nowhere to win the coveted 'Company of the Year' prize at last year's DM Awards, about how a scanner company can differentiate itself in a world where 'everybody builds good scanners'

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Case study

Updating the Registry

Recognition technologies are helping the Land Registry to receive and process property register applications and changes electronically

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A decade of DM development

A ten year document management journey at Surrey Heath Borough Council has resulted in easier access to information across multiple departments and improved the efficiency of frontline services

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DM Awards 2014

Records Management Product of the Year

WINNER: CCube Solutions - CCube EDRM
RUNNER UP: KnowledgeLake - Records Manager

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SOHO CMS Product of the Year

WINNER: ABBYY - PDF Transformer+
RUNNER UP: KnowledgeLake Connect

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Document Manager Resource Guide (DMRG)

About the DMRG

The Document Manager Resource Guide aims to bring you the information you need, in the format of most use to you. Whether you are comparing hardware suppliers, sourcing relevant resellers, or looking for a new system development, this online directory offers the most comprehensive resource available for this market. Click here to find out more

Esker Ltd

Esker is the worldwide leader in document process automation solutions


Founded in 1984 and listed on the EURONEXT stock exchange since February 2001, ITESOFT is a worldwide leading software company in the process automation market

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This issue of the DM e-newsletter contains some fascinating reading for anyone interested in the future of the sector: EASY Software's Howard Frear takes a look at the trends affecting the industry, including the idea that DM/ECM will start to be seen as a 'cost of doing business' - a change that is long overdue, according to Frear: "Content-rich processes are triggered by content events such as 'Save', 'Move' or 'Open'. These will allow new employees to drop right in, have immediate access to the customer data they need to do their job, plus get supported from the apps, which will also supply managers with the right data to help guide the whole process. The promise is 'Just add the people and the revenue gets generated from the first minute', and documents and content will be fundamental to that, helping the transportation of the right information through the process from one end to the other."

Elsewhere PFU Fujitsu's Sabine Holocher takes a wider view, examining how different European cultures are driving uptake of DM in often widely varying ways: "Paper-free initiatives in Poland have taken aim at the healthcare system. The goal is to have all medical documentation digitised by 2017, while Italy's Digital Agenda focuses on the areas of digital identity, digital administration, digital education, digital health, the digital divide, electronic payments and invoicing, and digital justice. The Netherlands plans to have a "Digital Government" by 2017 while the Belgian government aims to have a digital federal government by the end of its tenure." It will be interesting for all of us to see how the UK compares with our European neighbours, both now and into the future.

David Tyler


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