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A question of authenticity

Are authentication services sowing the seeds of their own security failure? If you’re working remotely then you must ensure that you manage and protect your identity, writes Steve Watts, co-founder of SecurEnvoy

The big data network

Big data is both potentially lucrative and disruptive. Jamal Elmellas, Technical Director at Auriga, looks at the considerations for the network manager

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Unleashing IT Automation

Colin Beasty of Advanced Systems Concepts explains why IT organisations should adopt an architectural approach to IT automation

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Network Computing 2013 Reader Survey

Complete our 2013 Reader Survey for the chance to win iTrinegy’s personal network emulator, INE for Windows. The closing date for entries is 16th December

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Dedicated to securing the Cloud

K3 Business Technology Group launches new IT consultancy division to deploy and manage secure cloud services around the world, with access to 300 international datacentres

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BYOD trend could see 1bn mobiles devices heading to work by 2018

New report forecasts that the number of employee owned smartphones and tablets used in the enterprise will exceed 1 billion by 2018

Axios Systems joins G-Cloud 4 programme

Software as a Service solution available on the G-Cloud 4 cloud procurement framework

Brand-Rex Partners with Allied Telesis on EcoSystem

Data network solutions provider Brand-Rex has signed an EcoSystem Partnership with IP networking infrastructure provider Allied Telesis

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Credit where credit’s due with AppQoS

Resolving application performance issues with AppQoS from iTrinegy alleviated the need for WAN optimisation for International Personal Finance, a leading international home credit business

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Privileged Account Security from CyberArk

Many high profile hacking incidents result from the unauthorised use of privileged accounts and passwords. CyberArk is the market leader in privileged account security, its software suite mitigating these threats by managing all areas of access.

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Bandwidth Analyzer Pack from SolarWinds

SolarWinds offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of network monitoring solutions, and its latest Bandwidth Analyzer Pack strives to provide businesses with total network visibility.

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Scanning ahead

Arian Evans of WhiteHat Security explains how knowing what the attackers know, combined with continuous application scanning, will make your network a safer place to work

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Security driven profits

Tufin's Chris Hooper explains how Security Policy Orchestration, when implemented correctly, can both save money and help to make it

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Seeing is believing

Trevor Dearing of Gigamon explains why IT managers must increase visibility and create ways to intelligently select, sort and direct traffic flows if they are to ensure that their networks remain operational

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Network Computing Awards 2013

Held at the Hotel Russell in London earlier this year and voted for by the readers of the magazine, the 2013 Network Computing Awards celebrate the organisations, products, services and individuals that keep our networks running. Here we profile some of this year’s winners. Nominations for the 2014 Network Computing Awards will open soon. www.networkcomputingawards.co.uk

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Network Management Product of the Year

Emulex - OneCommand Vision

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Messaging Product of the Year

GFI MailEssentials

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IT Optimisation Product of the Year

Loadmaster 5300

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Cabling Supplier of the Year


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Welcome to the November edition of the Network Computing Newsletter. Last month we covered NASA’s struggles with its public cloud strategy and now the International Space station (ISS) has experienced a rather glaring - and unnervingly basic - IT failing of its own. In a scene probably not reminiscent of “Gravity” it was revealed earlier this month that the ISS had been infected by a computer virus via a USB device brought onboard by Russian cosmonauts.

Commenting, Justin Briere of Data Memory Systems said the incident was “Proof that security needs to be taken more seriously across the globe, especially when it comes to USB flash drives …Many of our USB drives come with added software which allow for easy management of the data stored on the devices, and also have the function to password protect the files, so that users have optimum control over what files they are transporting at all times.” It’s something worth bearing in mind whether you’re plugging a USB stick in at your desk or while orbiting the earth at 17,000 mph!

It’s not as if we can relax when it comes to security measures down here on terra firma either, after all. As SecurEnvoy’s Steve Watts explains this month, even security providers themselves can prove fallible when it comes to ensuring the integrity and privacy of our data. Steve examines the potential misuses of authentication services and explains why the secret keys they generate may not be quite so secret after all.

Switching to more seasonal fare, it’s nearly time to start making a list, checking it twice and deciding who’s been particularly nice this past year. Yes, nominations for the Network Computing Awards 2014 are opening soon - we’ll have more details next issue!

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