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Bring Your Own ...what next?

Nick Bowman of F5 on turning consumer and user-led trends into an asset

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Chasing network capacity

Network capacity is a fundamental requirement to ensure service performance, according to Victor Kuarsingh of Dyn.

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Cloud: the 60-year-old hot topic that gives data centres a new perspective

By Andrew Roughan, Commercial Director at Infinity SDC.


HDD crashes remain the leading cause of data loss globally

Kroll Ontrack releases new statistics regarding data loss causes and the impact to businesses and home users.

Blast off! EfficientIP launches SOLIDserver DNS Blast

New solution released for mitigating DNS Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks

Wandisco launches Big Data Apprenticeship Scheme

Scheme designed to develop home grown talent to meet the UK's technology talent shortage

Baremetal for the Cloud takes a bow

Rackspace launches OnMetal Cloud Servers


WhatsUpGold v16.2 Premium

WhatsUpGold has evolved into a highly versatile network monitoring solution that's both affordable and scaleable

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SOLIDserver 5.0.3 from EfficientIP

The SOLIDserver hardware and virtual appliances from EfficientIP offer a complete DDI management solution that goes much further than most competing products.

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IP EXPO Europe is Europe's leading cloud and IT infrastructure event for those looking to find out how the latest IT innovations can drive their business. www.ipexpo.co.uk/


The business of data centres

A colocation perspective on efficiencies and the role of DCIM from Custodian

An IP strategy health check

Helen White of Allegro Networks explains the best route for seamless integration of IP connectivity into the WAN

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Knock Knock - who's there?

As business networks become more complex, they demand a holistic approach to secure access. Malcolm Hamilton, Senior Security Architect at Cryptzone outlines some important considerations

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Network Computing Awards 2014

The Network Computing Awards 2014 took place on March 13th at the Hotel Russell in London. Here we profile some of this year's winners:

Wireless Product of the Year

Winner: Extreme Networks

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Storage Product of the Year

Winner: Trend Micro

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Mobility Product of the Year

Winner: Acronis

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Welcome to the June 2014 Newsletter.

We start this issue with a new acronym for the collection - one that might well strike fear into the heart of the typical network manager! If you thought the bring your own device (BYOD) trend was a handful in itself then how prepared are you for the concept of BYON - bring your own network? How do you control, monitor and secure a corporate network when its boundaries are becoming as mobile as the typical user's phone?

The answer, according to Nick Bowman of F5, lies in embracing Mobile App Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM), and in remembering that securing corporate data has to be the top priority. A similar "holistic" approach to security is envisioned by Malcolm Hamilton of Cryptzone in this issue, if we are to properly manage this growth in network complexity.

Elsewhere this month Andrew Roughan of Infinity SDC gives us a brief history of cloud computing - although it's not perhaps as brief as some of us might assume - and Victor Kuarsingh of Dyn gives a timely reminder that managing network capacity remains a crucial consideration, especially now that the network's boundaries are becoming so blurred. How do you accurately measure capacity when the network is becoming increasingly virtualised or heading wholesale to the cloud? Read Victor's article for some timely advice.

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