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Staying safe in the mobile world

Sean Newman, Security Strategist at Cisco, on the rise of mobile devices at work - and the risks they bring with them

Right-size your flash

Rajesh Nair, CTO at Tegile, on making flash work harder and more efficiently

The mainframe at 50 - many happy returns?

Andy Slim, senior systems architect at IBM explains why the mainframe remains the foundation for our future

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Poor password management leaving service accounts open to attack

“Didn't the security industry learn anything from the Snowden scandal?"

Red Shirt Survey alert!

Ipswitch's “Red Shirt Survey" shares the SysAdmin Day love

KDDI invests further £135m into Telehouse's London Docklands data centre campus

North Two investment will create next generation mission-critical data centre

1 in 9 UK homes to be 'smart' by end of 2014

Smart home systems set to increase 43% on last year to 3.1 million in 2014


Cloud Management Suite from Verismic Software

Verismic delivers a refreshing new approach to endpoint management

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SANsymphony-V and Virtual SAN from DataCore Software

New release makes software-defined storage a reality for enterprises

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IP EXPO Europe is Europe's leading cloud and IT infrastructure event for those looking to find out how the latest IT innovations can drive their business. www.ipexpo.co.uk/


When trouble comes calling

Jaime Blasco of AlienVault Labs explains the importance of a multi-discipline cyber incident response team

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The secure data centre

Matt Lovell, CTO of Pulsant explains why the secure data centre is about more than just information security

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The truly open cloud

Boris Renski, co-founder of OpenStack vendor Mirantis, explains what is needed to secure the vendor-agnostic cloud

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Network Computing Awards 2014

The Network Computing Awards 2014 took place on March 13th at the Hotel Russell in London. Here we profile some of this year's winners:

Security Product of the Year

Winner: Barracuda Networks

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Network Management Product of the Year

Winner: Paessler

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Network Performance Product of the Year

Winner: Kemp

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Welcome to the July 2014 Newsletter.

So how was your SysAdmin Day? In case you missed it (possibly due to having too much work on) Friday 25th was the 15th annual SysAdmin Day, dedicated to the general appreciation of system administrator the world over. So were you bathed in the warm glow of your colleague’s appreciation, or maybe even plied with cake? Not if Ipswitch’s second annual “Red Shirt Survey” is anything to go by. In fact the only warm glow some network admins have been feeling lately is the one coming from the older bits of IT kit as they slowly overheat in the humid weather.

Ipswitch’s survey, released to coincide with SysAdmin Day, polled 150 systems administrators from across the UK. Revealingly, when asked “What would make IT admins feel more empowered at work?” 51% of those polled simply wanted “Recognition for doing a tough job.” That’s double the second placed response (25%), “The ability to choose and buy the technology they need.” Admittedly 24% wanted x-ray vision to figure out the source of the problem but hey, the appreciation thing certainly sounds totally doable!

So the next time someone in the office sticks their unsecured, virus-friendly storage device where it really doesn’t belong (don’t ask) a simple word or two of appreciation/regret to the network admin might go a long way. Further still if accompanied by a slice of something overpriced from Costa!

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