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IT and business unity

Network Computing editor Ray Smyth explains why IT and business people must unite as one

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Technology alone will not suffice

Rick Bylina at Infoblox explains the benefits of a best practice IP address management strategy

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Planning for SDN

Mervyn Kelly of Ciena explains how SDN can deliver maximum benefit and advantage

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UK firms losing battle to prevent staff putting confidential data in the cloud

Public cloud use appears endemic, unmanaged and unstoppable, according to new Connected Data survey

Why protecting healthcare records from cyber attacks is a game of cat and mouse

Mike Potts, CEO of Lancope, on how the health sector can avoid a security cat-astrophe (sorry)

Corero Network Security strengthens its DDoS defence technology

SmartWall Threat Defence System (TDS) now delivers adaptive, analytics-driven DDoS prevention


The Monitor Transaction Management System from Monitor IT

Monitor IT has created a system with enough flexibility to address most transaction centred requirements

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WebMonitor 2015 from GFI

An excellent choice for businesses that demand the best web security but want to host it on their choice of hardware

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Too small to secure?

The basic measures for cyber security assurance apply equally to all businesses, explains Del Heppenstall of KPMG

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SDN innovation

Scott Larson at Coriant explores the dimensions of SDN innovation across business functions

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CeBIT 2015: 16-20th March, Hannover, Germany

In a week's time the gates will open on the world s leading trade fair for IT and the digital economy: CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. CeBIT 2015 will feature an unprecedented lineup of topical themes and compelling speakers.

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Network Computing Awards 2015: The Hotel Russell, London 19th March

Voting has now closed for the 2015 Network Computing Awards - now all that remains is to reveal the winners at the awards ceremony itself on the 19th March. We hope to see you there!


Welcome to the March 2015 Newsletter.

The business and IT living together in perfect harmony? Perhaps it’s not quite as unlikely as it sounds! We begin this month with a thought-provoking piece from Ray Smyth, Editor of Network Computing and Business Technology Mentor, which addresses the pressing need for organisations to understand their IT requirements in a rapidly evolving technology landscape, and act accordingly. For Ray “The need to understand an organisation's future IT requirements is a real and valid one: an exceptionally complex task which is no way precise. And with a growing range of possibilities, IT provision has moved from a supporting role to that of leading business strategy.”

As Ray discusses in his article one of the most significant "possibilities" that businesses need to get to grips with is Software Defined Networking, and to this end we've got several SDN-themed pieces in this issue. Scott Larson, Vice President at Coriant, explains how organisations can best leverage the innovation that SDN has to offer, while Mervyn Kelly of Ciena explores how SDN will “radically change the networking landscape”, while cautioning that it will not be a “one-size-fits-all proposition.” What’s clear is that SDN has the potential to revolutionise the network - is your business ready?

Finally we’d like to thank everyone that took the time to vote for this year’s Network Computing Awards. Voting has now closed and we’re just days away from announcing the winners at the awards ceremony on the evening of March 19th. If you’re attending the ceremony itself then we look forward to seeing you there - and if you can’t make it then keep an eye on the twitter account below as we’ll be tweeting the results on the night!

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