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Network data: balancing the load

Arya Barirani of Infoblox explains the benefits of Global Server Load Balancing

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The ISP challenge

Why Black Hole routing fails to provide acceptable DDoS protection

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Going SaaS: Advice from an infrastructure provider

Brian Ussher, President and Co-founder of iland, on the main issues to consider when developing a SaaS app


Secure apps, secure business

Is it time to upgrade our approach to application security?

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Secure on the inside

François Amigorena, CEO of IS Decisions, urges the deployment of an effective insider threat management programme

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User specific security

Halting hackers before they strike requires a new approach to security that is more flexible than a firewall

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Wick Hill deal to strengthen the weak link in security chain

Becomes UK distributor for KnowBe4’s security training platform

UK lags behind Germany in ability to patch cyber vulnerabilities

Currently not a patch on German companies

Patently good news from OPSWAT

OPSWAT issued patent covering determination of whether a data storage is encrypted


The application of network performance

Roger Holder of Fluke Networks explains the benefits of Application-aware Network Performance Management

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Taking the heat off data centres

Jack Bedell-Pearce, MD of 4D-DC, on how the UK’s data centres can get smarter at being greener


Network Computing Awards 2015

This year’s Network Computing Awards took place on March 19th at the Hotel Russell in London. Here we profile some of the 2015 winners:

APM Product of the Year

WINNER: Virtual Instruments - VirtualWisdom4

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Storage Product of the Year

Winner: SUSE - Enterprise Storage

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IT Optimisation Product of the Year

Winner: Kemp - LoadMaster VLM-10G

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Welcome to the June 2015 Newsletter.

Without wishing to step on the toes of our sister publication Computing Security we’ve a distinct focus on security issues in this month’s newsletter. But then there’s scarcely an aspect of our IT lives that isn’t now affected (or should that be afflicted) by security concerns, from the insider threat posed by an organisation’s own staff, however unwittingly, to whether our IoT-enabled kitchen appliances will be turned against us at some point in the near future (although fear of a hacked kettle would at least be an original excuse for dodging a tea round).

There’s a growing emphasis in security circles on combatting the threat posed by employees, who are so often the unwitting enemy within when it comes to breaches. Security training and education will play a huge role in combatting this threat, and according to research from IS Decisions “In the UK, 43 per cent of organisations already have an insider threat programme, but of those that don't, the majority (69 per cent) are planning to put one in place this year.” Read the article by François Amigorena, CEO of IS Decisions, for some timely advice on how to make such training really count. Wick Hill has also announced this month that they have become the UK Value Added Distributor for KnowBe4, providers of security awareness training and simulated phishing programmes. The KnowBe4 platform includes “Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training” - an expert in the field of social engineering if ever there was one!

We also have two articles this month on application security. For Ade Foxall of Camwood organisations need to fundamentally change the way they approach application security if they are to keep pace with an ever evolving portfolio of apps, whilst Adam Boone of Certes Networks advocates a granular approach to securing networked applications, one that is far more flexible than that provided by a traditional, static firewall.

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