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Virtualised printing

What can be done to overcome the printing challenges in a virtualised and cloud-based environment? Arron Fu of UniPrint.net explains

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Failure: designed in

Derek Watkins of Opengear on why preparing for network failure should be a critical part of your network operations

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IT informing the business

Ashish Patel of Intel Security on the disconnect between IT and the evolving landscape of network abuse

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OmniCenter from Netreo

Early visibility of network problems is vital for a network engineer - and OmniCenter delivers it with aplomb

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UniPrint Infinity 9

UniPrint Infinity’s innovative VPQ pull-printing and universal driver makes print management worries a thing of the past

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Insurers told cyber assessment critical to exposure management and pricing

Underwriters and brokers warned the vast majority of UK businesses unprepared to defend cyber threats

PhishMe Reports 105% Year Over Year Growth for Q3 2015

Human phishing defense provider grows by 892 percent over three years

Vision RT sees the future with Adapt Habitat

Adapt supplies provider of solutions for the image guided radiotherapy market with outsourced private cloud solution


Designing your Wi-Fi future

Wi-Fi access has become a utility to its users, but work is needed, writes Perry Correll, Principal Technologist at Xirrus

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Cloud orchestration

Alina Stancu of Titania on how orchestration works in the cloud and with security

Application delivery orchestration

Klaus Gheri, VP Network Security at Barracuda Networks explains why a firewall alone just will not do


Network Computing Awards 2015

The 2015 Network Computing Awards took place earlier this year at the Hotel Russell in London. Here we profile some of our winners:

New Product of the Year

Winner: Extreme Networks - Purview

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Product of the Year

Winner: SUSE - Enterprise Storage

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Welcome to the November 2015 Newsletter.

A (hopefully) Happy Black Friday/Cyber Monday to you all! Retailers, consumers and IT managers alike have been bracing themselves for a huge surge in demand this week - but will those crucial websites stay up and running long enough for us to grab our bargains? And if they do stay functioning through the inevitable huge spikes in traffic, are UK consumers actually confident that their transactions will remain secure under such demanding conditions? With sales forecast to surpass 2014 - and potentially even pass £1bn - there’s an awful lot riding on it.

A new survey of 1,000 UK customers by the Institute of Customer Service released this week found that more than three-quarters (76 percent) of those questioned believe organisations will never truly be able to protect their data, with almost 1 in 4 suggesting that ‘nothing could restore my trust’ after a data breach. 83 percent of those polled believe that organisations should highlight what they are doing to protect customer data and 81 percent want to see Government take action by reviewing data protection legislation. 83 percent also want to see the Government imposing fines if sufficient safeguards are not implemented.

As Mark Rodbert, CEO of idax puts it, "The real security challenge that retailers will face on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, whether in-store or online, is how to react to the sheer volume of transactions and demand. Staff are put under a lot of pressure during the festive period, and retailers need to take extra care. When the pressure is on, too often convenience beats security. With so many businesses focused around making the most sales, employees will be tempted to take risky shortcuts.”

So it may well prove that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are as challenging online as wrestling with the crowds in person over a bargain Dyson in Asda!

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