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EU data: in or out?

Alessandro Porro at Ipswitch on preparing your business for the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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Why people are the key to cybersecurity

Sean Paxton at Redcentric asks “How should an organisation approach the soft, people issues involved in cybersecurity?”

A sustainable Internet of Things

Daryl Miller at Lantronix on how IoT can enable sustainability and fight back against environmental damage

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QA launches Cyber Training Lab in London

Custom-built facility enables enterprises to simulate a cyber-attack and learn to practice defending their systems and data

New EMC survey identifies CIO pressures to keep IT at the heart of business

41 percent of CIOs surveyed said that extracting value from ever greater volumes of data is the top IT challenge

Avere introduces new entry-level model to FXT 5000 series product line

The FXT 5200 Edge Filer creates a Cloud gateway Into object storage

Nexthink raises $40 million gearing up for IPO

Investment earmarked to further innovation in end-user IT analytics and finance opening of US HQ in Boston


Collaborative IT - bringing it all together

Joel Dolisy at SolarWinds believes that the IT department must collaborate and communicate - or fail

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Securing the Cloud

Wieland Alge at Barracuda Networks on how to bridge the void between on-premise and cloud protection

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Knock knock - who’s there?

Thierry Bettini at Ilex International explains the importance of network access management and auditing

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Network Computing Awards 2016: The Winners!

The results from the 2016 Network Computing Awards were revealed at an evening ceremony at the Hotel Russell in London on 17th March. Here we profile some of this year’s winners:

Infrastructure Product of the Year

Winner: Cradlepoint - ECM
Runner-up: Extreme Network – Summit X460 G2

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Data Centre Product Of The Year

Winner: SUSE - SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6
Runner-up: Corning Optical Communications - EDGE8

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Cabling Supplier of the Year

Winner: Excel
Runner-up: Panduit


Welcome to the April 2016 Newsletter.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was finally passed on April 14th and will come into effect by early 2018 - meaning that we all need to start planning for its arrival. Commenting on the news Lillian Pang, Senior Director, Legal at Rackspace says that “Data privacy is now at a defining moment, and this new law should encourage everyone (businesses and individuals) to appreciate the impact of sharing and protecting personal data.”

If your organisation hasn’t begun planning for GDPR yet then you’re far from alone. According to a recent survey by Spiceworks (Diving into Cloud Services) “Only 11 percent of IT professionals in Europe have started investing in order to meet the new data privacy requirements. Interestingly, 28 percent of IT professionals surveyed in Europe haven’t given the pending regulation any thought, and 32 percent aren’t sure how it will impact their business.”

While some have raised concerns about GDPR’s impact - for example the effect it will have on doing business with businesses outside the EU - the fact is that we all need to start planning accordingly, or ultimately risk facing punitive fines for breaching the mandated regulations.

So where should we start? Will your organisation need to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) as part of its GDPR compliance, for example? Recent GO DPO research highlighted by Ardi Kolah, co-programme director at Henley Business School, found that “...in the financial services sector alone, around 33,000 companies will require a DPO among a raft of new obligations that make this EU Regulation a game changer in how organisations can continue to do business within the EU.”

The good news is that the announcement has already generated plenty of readily available information and opinion to help guide us towards compliance. Henley Business School, for example, has already launched an online executive education programme to help train the next generation of Data Protection Officers, and in this issue of the newsletter Allesandro Pollo, Senior VP at Ipswitch outlines three areas - technology, training and leadership - that he believes will prove “indispensable” to our GDPR planning process. The countdown’s begun: will your data be in or out of this new EU mandate by 2018?

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