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Replication Virtualisation Hardware/Media Strategy


Drive for perfection

To listen to some experts in the industry would lead you to believe that the hard disk is dead or dying, battered into submission by the upstart SSD. Users in the real world though will know that this is not the case.

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Alpha mail

For some, the Cloud offers a simple and straightforward solution to their email volume issues, but is it really a fix, or just moving a problem from one place to another?

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Reducing performance anxiety

New Flash array and Enterprise storage systems from NetApp


Is there an echo in here?

Acronis address mobile device management

New vector in the sector

Sustained Performance and Endurance from OCZ

Keep everything? Not anymore!

CommVault Intelligent Archive Solution makes Content Retention, Compliance and Cloud Storage more affordable

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Accelerating change

Faced with the everyday I.T. struggle to achieve low latency and high IOPS, there is more to the issue than just adding SSD flash, argues Joost van Leeuwen of OCZ Technology Group.

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Get the most from your virtual environment

Rob Pait, Nexsan Solutions Marketing Director, Imation Corp offers five key considerations for strategic virtualisation deployments.

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Making consolidation work

Paul Coates, regional vice president, UK, South Africa and Nordics at Riverbed Technology discusses how storage solutions can effectively address organisations' remote site requirements through improved use of IT assets, reduced IT resources and improved data retention and protection.

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Product Review

GFI LanGuard 2014

Focusing on endpoint vulnerability assessment, patch management and auditing, LanGuard has been a stalwart member of GFI's security suite for many years

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Case study

Cutting the donkey work with email archiving

Leading worldwide animal charity the Donkey Sanctuary needed to rationalise its approach to email archiving, as some users kept over 30,000 emails in their mailboxes

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Storage Awards 2013

Storage Magazine Service to Industry Award

WINNER: Seagate - Joe Fagan

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Channel Excellence Award

WINNER: Hammer - Jason Beeson

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Channel Excellence Award

WINNER: Nexsan - Andy Hill

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Welcome to the November edition of the Storage magazine e-Newsletter, which includes some exclusive feature content looking at disk drive technology developments and email archiving, among many other fascinating topics. To listen to some experts in the industry might lead you to believe that the hard disk is dead or dying, battered into submission by the upstart SSD. Users in the real world though will know that this is not the case. Our feature looks into what is really happening in the world of disk technologies.

Meanwhile, anyone considering moving email archival to the Cloud should read our piece before making any decisions; Dave Hunt of email specialist C2C offers one consideration: "Make sure that your chosen e-mail archiving cloud provider can demonstrate and offer effective discovery compliance backed with the necessary functionality you need to support your business as you are still responsible for what happens to your data, regardless of being in or out of the Cloud. Familiarity with your own systems can be a Godsend when you are under pressure to provide e-disclosure and demonstrate compliance when legal issues arrive." Do let us know what you think!

David Tyler, Editor

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