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Replication Virtualisation Hardware/Media Strategy


False economy

Nigel Houghton, Regional Sales Manager EMEA at Aptare, argues that monitoring and reporting on your storage infrastructure is too important a task to be managed solely on a cost basis

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How to Build a Hybrid Drive

This article from Mine Budiman, Eric Dunn and Rick Ehrlich of Toshiba's Storage Products Division (SPD) traces the development of a Hybrid drive technology that can combine large capacity with high-speed performance

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Gridstore targets UK market

Virtualisation solutions provider moves into EMEA

Gen6 Fibre Channel is coming

Emulex partners with Brocade for end-to-end storage networking

StorNext gets Flash

New Quantum flash-based appliance promises 'unmatched performance for media workflows'

Best in class from Fujitsu

Entry level business-centric storage is world's fastest

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A tale of two architectures

Bill Andrews, CEO of ExaGrid Systems Inc, argues that a scale-out approach is essential to safeguard data for the future

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Protecting your data in a BYOD world

Anders Lofgren, Director of Mobility Solutions at Acronis, discusses the explosion of personal devices in the workplace and the effect it is having on organisational productivity, collaboration and security

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Case study

Sign of the times

Hampshire-based Test Valley Council is supporting a shared IT services model using a consolidated backup and recovery approach

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Making patient care faster

The University Hospitals of Leicester have been able to significantly improve patient care while reducing costs, thanks to desktop virtualisation technologies from IBM and Atlantis

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Storage Awards 2013

Storage - Connectivity Product of the Year 2013

WINNER: Emulex - LightPulse 16Gb Host Bus Adapters

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Storage - Disk Based Product of the Year 2013: Small/Mid-range

WINNER: Exagrid - EX Series

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Storage - Disk Based Product of the Year 2013: Enterprise

WINNER: HDS - Unified Storage 100 Family

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The arguments between vendors about which is better, hard disk or SSD, have been raging ever since flash first started to make its way into the data centre, and look set to continue for some time yet. For buyers it is becoming clear that the only answer that makes sense is 'It depends'! Things in IT are rarely as black-and-white as the manufacturers and resellers might like us to believe. What is equally clear though, is that all the largest storage companies in the world have seen fit to invest significant amounts of time and money into developing or acquiring their own flash solutions so as to fit the gaps in their own product portfolios.

Rather than a simplistic 'either/or' option, most in the industry are now agreed that some form of hybrid approach is logical, and this is well illustrated by the main feature in this newsletter, in which a team of experts from Toshiba talk us through the highly complex thinking behind the development of their hybrid drive technologies. Their approach combines three storage levels comprising SDRAM, NAND memory, and magnetic disk in a way that answers the growing demand from users for very fast, very high capacity drives. Is this the storage of the future?

Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear your views for future issues.

David Tyler, Editor

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