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Replication Virtualisation Hardware/Media Strategy


Adapting to change in a virtual world

Michiel von der Crone of CommVault examines the need for 'global class computing' - described by Gartner as "an approach to designing systems and architectures that extends computing processes outside the enterprise and into the cultures of the consumer, mobile worker and business partners"

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It ain't what you do...

...It's the way that you do it, especially when it comes to building reliable storage arrays, argues Gavin McLaughlin of X-IO

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Third gen Drobo gets 3x boost

Connected Data, the creator of the award-winning Drobo line of smart storage solutions, has released the latest 4-bay Drobo and the best-selling product in the company's history.

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Spectra Logic teams with CommVault

Companies join forces to deliver reliable, easy to manage Data Protection, Backup and Archive

15nm NAND from Toshiba

Toshiba starts mass production of world’s smallest class chip size

Six 9s uptime from HP XP7

Next generation enterprise array promises ultra-high performance and always-on disaster recovery for lower risk, greater data protection

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Uncovering the hidden costs of straight disk backup

In this article Bill Andrews, CEO of ExaGrid Systems, explores the hidden costs of settling for a straight disk solution as opposed to selecting a purpose-built, disk-based backup appliance

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Product review:

Barracuda Backup Appliance 390

No right-thinking business would intentionally avoid their data backup obligations, but the management overheads can accrue when running separate on-site, off-site and cloud backup resources

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Case study

Better by design

With its world-leading 3D rendering solutions in use by over 3 million users worldwide LightWork Design is used to working with the best technologies out there, and its investment in a NAS appliance from Synology did not disappoint

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The educated choice

With growing data volumes and a desire to move to an internal cloud computing platform, the Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) felt that its current Fibre Channel SAN offered limited flexibility while an upgrade represented a high CAPEX and OPEX burden. By turning to Coraid, LIT has been able to reduce the cost of its storage upgrade by 60% while creating a platform that can easily scale in step with its immediate needs and longer-term cloud vision

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Storage Awards 2013

Storage - Flash/SSD Product of the Year 2013 - Array

WINNER: Violin Memory - 6000 Series

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Storage - Cloud Enabler of the Year 2013

WINNER: Pro-Act - Managed Cloud Services

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I recently attended a global launch from one of the biggest names in the storage industry, at which (as well as promoting their latest product offering, of course) there was much made of their vision for the future, which they were describing as 'business-defined IT' as if this were a radical concept. Supported by keynote presentations from leading analysts, the basic premise seemed to be this: that for businesses to be truly 'agile' in the current climate, the emphasis for IT has to shift so that technology is being developed to match the needs of the business.

So far, so common sense, it seemed to me. In fact isn't this what users have been demanding from IT for decades now? I had thought that the days when IT departments dictated a strategy from on high, because 'they knew best', had long gone. The rise of easy and cheap access to cloud services has meant that user departments have for some time had an alternative to the traditional 'begging for crumbs from the IT Director's plate' approach. BYOD and the massive proliferation of mobile devices coming into the workplace have been the nails in that coffin, surely. My view is that IT should always have been 'business-defined' - but if it needs to be codified in this manner, that's probably no bad thing. Let us know what you think; we'd love to hear your views for future issues.

David Tyler, Editor

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