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Replication Virtualisation Hardware/Media Strategy


Flash arrays - the good the bad and the ugly

Is everything rosy in the flash array garden? Nikhil Premanandan, Marketing Analyst at IT management specialist ManageEngine, puts the technology under the microscope

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Believe the hype about hyper-converged storage

Sushant Rao of DataCore Software details real-world scenarios of how a hyper-converged infrastructure is the right approach to combine storage, compute, networking and virtualisation in one unit

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The future is guaranteed

Early last year we heard from Fujifilm about its move towards a service based storage solution offering, with d:ternity. Storage Editor David Tyler catches up with Roger Moore, Strategic Business Unit Manager at the company's recording media division.

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The power of three, from Quantum

New archive offerings reduce unstructured data storage costs

Rest Assured

Dot Hill arrays aim to deliver new level of performance for verticals and Internet of Things applications

SanDisk flashing the cache

Enhances FlashSoft caching software portfolio & introduces new bundled solutions for enterprise data centres

The tough get going

New 'rugged' mobile HDD offering from LaCie

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Product Review

WD Sentinel DS6100 Windows Server

For smaller businesses some IT resources are out of reach, even though they can be justified through business need

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Case study

From customer to partner

IT solutions provider Ultima found the ideal partner for its enterprise cloud offering in Berkshire-based Pulsant

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Retro retailer with the futuristic business model

Retro clothing and gift specialist TruffleShuffle are able to focus on their core business - supplying weird and wonderful T-shirts, homewares and more - and leave the management of their e-commerce function to hosting company iomart

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Storage Awards 2014

Storage - Tape Based Product of the Year 2014

WINNER: Overland Storage - NEO 8000 Tape Library
RUNNER UP: Tandberg Data - StorageLibrary T40+

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Storage Hybrid Appliance of the Year 2014

WINNER: Tintri - VMStore
RUNNER UP: Pure Storage - Flash Array

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It's over a year since Storage magazine interviewed FujiFilm's Roger Moore about their then newly-announced d:ternity offering - a long term archival service that got round the problems of what Moore described as 'cross-generation compatibility' - that sinking feeling you have when you realise that you have critical data stored on specific media but you haven't maintained the kit you need to read it. FujiFilm's d:ternity essentially outsources that archiving process, taking and storing your data offsite and returning it on demand.

But, as Moore explains in our update in this e-newsletter, perhaps the bigger issue is whether you need to be archiving that data in the first place: "An area that we tend to discuss early on with potential clients is: do they really need to archive all this data at all? There is a natural inclination to simply keep storing everything away, and sending data offsite appears cheap - the problem arises later with the cost of managing and recalling that data later on. That's the beauty of the d:ternity approach. Because everything is put into a neutral file format, it can be delivered back very simply and rapidly, and loaded back into the customer's current infrastructure in a totally non-disruptive way." Sometimes, it appears - even in the ever-changing technology sector - the simplest approach is the best.

David Tyler, Editor david.tyler@btc.co.uk

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