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Replication Virtualisation Hardware/Media Strategy
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Enabling the next stage in VDI

Flash is playing a key role in the development of desktop virtualisation, says Marcos Burnett, Sales Director for Northern Europe, SanDisk

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'Change or die' for the storage industry?

Jason Phippen of SUSE predicts the inevitable decline of traditional enterprise storage and the 'unstoppable rise' of software-defined alternatives

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Law in order

Legal firm reduces data centre footprint by 70%

Loving the alien

CMS partners with cyber-threat specialist

In their genes

Capita providing storage for the 100,000 Genomes Project

SanDisk 'transforms the mobile experience'

Advanced embedded storage device to meet demand for increased capacity and enhanced photography on smartphones


Adapting to change

Storage magazine editor David Tyler speaks to Grant James, General Manager, QBS Software Ltd., about the difficulties of marketing in an increasingly 'Internet of Things' world

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Case studies

Unlocking potential

Hitachi Data Systems worked with partner XMA to provide a complete infrastructure solution that covers SAN, NAS and backup environments for Lancaster University. Together, they helped the highly rated research-led institution to face data demands that were predicted to increase from 300TB to 4PB within five years

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Backup cut right back

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership has reduced backup time by 90+ percent while still ensuring business continuity of physical and virtual environments

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Storage Awards 2015

Storage Awards 2015

This year's awards ceremony in London on June 18th was our biggest and best yet, with hundreds of the industry's movers and shakers in attendance. Voting numbers were up yet again, and over 30 winners celebrated into the night. We'll be focusing on some of the big winners in our next e-newsletter, but to see the full list of winners and runners-up right now, visit www.storage-awards.com


Welcome to our July 2015 e-newsletter.

Our Opinion piece in this issue from Suse's Jason Phippen is likely to provoke strong reactions of one sort or another: some readers may agree and feel that his suggestions are an obvious development of an increased reliance on open source systems, while others will doubtless put his arguments down as 'yet another hype cycle'. Phippen's main contention is that the traditional model for enterprise storage is in an inevitable decline, and that software-defined is an unstoppable movement preparing to roll over the market like a bulldozer. Whatever your views, some of his points are undeniable: he says, for instance, that with proprietary storage solutions from any of the 'household names' - EMC, Dell, HP, or IBM, buyers will often struggle to find real differences. "It's like the choice between a BMW, a Jaguar, a Mercedes or a Lexus", says Phippen, "Everyone has a preference, but there's no clear cut winner on price, running cost or performance."

The more controversial suggestion is that traditional enterprise storage vendors are facing a 'change or die' moment, because the advantages of software-defined storage represent a step change for the whole industry: "Software-defined storage eliminates the need for proprietary hardware and software, so IT teams can work on commodity x86 hardware and discs, generating as much as 50% cost saving. That means massive cost reduction and no vendor lockdown." Does this really mean that open-source based software-defined storage will emerge as the dominant architecture of the future? As ever we'd love to hear your views - feel free to email me at the address below with your thoughts.

David Tyler, Editor david.tyler@btc.co.uk

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