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Replication Virtualisation Hardware/Media Strategy
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Inheriting issues

There are a number of options available to an organisation looking to effectively manage legacy backup migration, says Paul le Messurier, Programme and Operations Manager at Kroll Ontrack - but the 'do-nothing option' is not recommended

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Stash the flash

The "flash everywhere" trend is actually materialising as "flash where it makes economic sense". George Teixeira, CEO of DataCore Software, considers how a more mature adoption of flash is now bearing fruit through a strategy of cost-effective utilisation of flash technology spreading from servers to widespread usage across the board

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IP Expo Europe: six events under one roof

From NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden to a rare head-to-head between Microsoft and Google, this year\'s IP Expo Europe event promises something for everyone. Storage magazine takes a closer look

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Nexenta and SanDisk team up

Integration delivers the market's first Open Software-Defined storage all flash array

Seagate to acquire Dot Hill

Dot Hill Portfolio will 'complement and expand' Seagate storage systems offerings

Toshiba announces Third Generation of enterprise SAS SSDs

Delivering random read performance of 270,000 IOPS with 12 Gbit/s SAS interface

Combining technologies

Quantum and Veeam reduce backup and DR costs

Case studies

Giving flash a fair hearing

Audio specialist Skullcandy has seen 'astonishing throughput rates' since switching to a Pure Storage Flash array

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Cores and FX

Major visual special effects company MPC is using Avere solutions to help turn storyboard concepts into billion dollar box office smashes

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Storage Awards 2015

Storage Awards 2015

This year's awards ceremony in London on June 18th was our biggest and best yet, with hundreds of the industry's movers and shakers in attendance. Voting numbers were up yet again, and over 30 winners celebrated into the night. We'll be focusing on some of the big winners in our next e-newsletter, but to see the full list of winners and runners-up right now, visit www.storage-awards.com

Storage Magazine "One to Watch" 2015

WINNER: Proact - Probox

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Storage Magazine "One to Watch" Award 2015

WINNER: Beta Distribution

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Storage Magazine "Value for Money" Award 2015


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Welcome to our September 2015 e-newsletter.

As you receive this issue of the Storage magazine e-newsletter, we are rapidly approaching the IT industry's largest showcase event, IP Expo, and our feature includes a wealth of good reasons to attend the show if you were yet to make up your mind. However I must update the article with the news that renowned 'whistle-blower' Edward Snowden is now no longer scheduled to deliver one of the keynotes. Nonetheless there will still be over 300 seminars and a similar number of exhibitors at London's ExCel for the show, so I'm sure you can still find plenty of justification for a visit - look out for Storage magazine there!

Elsewhere in this newsletter you'll find Kroll Ontrack's Paul Le Messurier discussing the issues invloved in migrating legacy backup systems - something all organisations have to face with frightening regularity, yet something that many choose to ignore in the hope it will go away. As Paul explains, this 'do nothing and hope you never need to restore from those legacy systems' option is short-sighted at best, and almost suicidal at worst. Can any modern business afford to take such a lax approach in these days of compliance and data regulation?

David Tyler, Editor david.tyler@btc.co.uk

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