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Replication Virtualisation Hardware/Media Strategy
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Must big data mean big risk?

As companies deploy Hadoop for big data, they open critical information to compromise. Tom Kemp of Centrify discusses some of the solutions that exist to solve the problem

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CIO: Changing from gatekeeper to enabler

The rise of 'shadow IT' means that CIOs must develop a hybrid cloud infrastructure that meets the needs of their business before the business itself beats them to it, suggests Ian Finlay, Chief Operating Officer at Abiquo

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Does SDS fit the bill?

Tarkan Maner, CEO at Nexenta, discusses the impact that the proposed Investigatory Powers Bill will have on storage requirements, and how software-defined storage could help

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DSM 6.0 Beta available

'Long-awaited' version of NAS OS is here

City University London selects NetApp

Strengthens growth plans in a cost-efficient way

Mission critical HDDs from Toshiba

Enterprise performance 10,500 RPM HDD to support both 12.0 Gbit/s SAS and 512n sector length

HGST hooks up with CommVault

New partnership will deliver 'best cloud backup TCO'

Case studies

Powering the private cloud

Ricoh has implemented an Internet of Things solution that allows the print/document management pioneer to collect and analyse data from millions of devices and helps anticipate demand for their support services

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Educating neater

Early VDI education adopters, Uplands Community College, have invigorated their VDI and application environment and stopped performance bottlenecks

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Storage Awards 2015

Storage Awards 2015

This year's awards ceremony in London on June 18th was our biggest and best yet, with hundreds of the industry's movers and shakers in attendance. Voting numbers were up yet again, and over 30 winners celebrated into the night. We'll be focusing on some of the big winners in our next e-newsletter, but to see the full list of winners and runners-up right now, visit www.storage-awards.com

Storage Magazine "One to Watch" 2015

WINNER: Proact - Probox

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Storage Magazine "One to Watch" Award 2015

WINNER: Beta Distribution

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Storage Magazine "Value for Money" Award 2015


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Welcome to our October 2015 e-newsletter.

As this issue of our e-Newsletter goes out the story on everyone’s lips is the proposed takeover by Dell of EMC, in a deal reported to be worth some US$67bn. The PR from both companies would have us believe that the merger will create huge benefits for customers of both organisations over the ‘synergy’ that the newly created giant will enjoy. But the move has been viewed with a degree of cynicism from many across the industry: isn’t it simply a case of two very large companies, both of whom have been struggling in recent times to maintain a decent enterprise ‘footprint’, hoping to win some customers back solely by virtue of their new even-bigger presence?

Tony Byrne of Real Story Group has commented: “This buffet-style vision assumes that enterprise IT leaders simply find their world too complicated and desire a single vendor that can ‘just fix everything.’ This may have been the case in the 1990s, but if so, those days are long gone. The best IT leaders today embrace complexity and value architectural flexibility over supplier lock-in.”

Many commentators are picking up that this merger, despite its size, is about business concentration more than transformation – has Dell effectively just bought a commodity business? We’d love to know your thoughts on this story, feel free to contact me via the email address below, as always.

David Tyler, Editor david.tyler@btc.co.uk

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