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Replication Virtualisation Hardware/Media Strategy
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LTO-7: got it taped?

In September the LTO Program Technology Provider Companies - HP, IBM and Quantum - announced the specifications for LTO Ultrium format generation 7, or LTO-7 as it will doubtless be known. Storage magazine takes a closer look at the implications of the announcement

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"Unstructured data is what slows down backup"

Beta Distribution has been around for over thirty years and remains Europe's largest distributor of LTO media - but there is much more to the business that now describes itself as 'one of the most disruptive storage players out there'. Storage magazine editor David Tyler spoke to Ben Jackson, Head of Beta's Technology Solutions Division, and Ricky Patel, Enterprise Business Manager

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Storage is broken

Users are fed up with paying a premium for storage, Suse's Head of Global marketing, Jason Phippen tells Storage magazine editor David Tyler

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After paper-free, should we go email-free?

EASY Software UK's Director of Sales and Marketing, Howard Frear, is frustrated with all the email in our lives - or rather, our lack of control of them

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HMS Saber launched

No champagne required!

Toshiba and SanDisk - now in 3D

New equipment installed at Yokkaichi’s 'New Fab 2' plant

Investing for growth

NCE secures new investment from Rockpool

Fujitsu 'radically simplifies' backup and archive

New generation of ETERNUS CS appliances 'seamlessly scale with business needs'

Case studies

Tour de force

EMC has partnered with LiveNation to provide U2's video team with an end-to-end storage solution that allows them to create, deliver and archive the stunning visuals that U2 bring to life at each stop on their tour

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Optimising the desktop

VESK, the UK’s largest provider of hosted virtual desktops, has chosen NexentaStor to support its increasing storage and IOPS requirements and growing portfolio of cloud services

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Storage Awards 2015

This year's awards ceremony in London on June 18th was our biggest and best yet, with hundreds of the industry's movers and shakers in attendance. Voting numbers were up yet again, and over 30 winners celebrated into the night. We'll be focusing on some of the big winners in our next e-newsletter, but to see the full list of winners and runners-up right now, visit www.storage-awards.com

Storage Marketing Team of the Year

WINNER: CMS Distribution
RUNNER UP: iomart

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Storage Magazine Connectivity Product of the Year


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Welcome to our Novenber 2015 e-newsletter.

This issue of our eNewsletter includes a look at new LTO-7 specifications which set out the likely path for tape cartridge developments. The figures look impressive: up to 15TB per cartridge is now achievable compared to around 6TB for LTO-6. But some have claimed that the announcement focuses too much on compressed capacities as opposed to the raw ones, arguing that for much real world data it will already have been compressed to such an extent before being sent to tape, that there will be little scope for further reductions in size.

Certainly for file formats such as images, there is a lot of compression applied on creation and during normal workflows to make them more useable. And it may well be the case that users who have the highest demand for more tape storage – i.e. those using large multimedia files rather than databases etc. – may not see quite as much benefit as has been suggested. But at the same time it should be remembered that this argument does not apply only to tape: pretty much all of the data we process today goes through any number of refinement procedures from creation to archival, much of it transparent to the end user. Getting bogged down in arguments about the exact amount of capacity on LTO-7 compared to LTO-6 is missing the point, we believe. I’d be interested in hearing your views, especially if your organisation is a large tape user – is tape still part of your long-term tiered storage planning? And will it remain so?

David Tyler, Editor david.tyler@btc.co.uk

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