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Coping with COBie

The COBie Toolkit for Revit automatically generates COBie worksheets from a Revit data model, easing the process of transferring data from the Building Information Model

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NBS Plugin for Autodesk Revit

We take a look at the new NBS plugin for Revit and how it is helping users change the way they coordinate information across construction projects

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Project OVE

With the assumption that the structure of a building is as complex as that of the human body - or the other way round - Arup sets out to prove that BIM can be used to design a building that mimics the latter - facilitated by BIM

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Building Studio

Benedict Wallbank of Smart BIM Solutions explains why clients should be as interested in specifying BIM as the construction side of the industry

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BIM and sustainability: a growing partnership

By Simon Gillis, Technical Manager, Autodesk

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Aerial data helps model flood risks

Aerial photographs and detailed 3D elevation models purchased from Bluesky's Map Shop are helping JBA Consulting model potential flood risks

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Landmark Ordnance Survey Data bundle

Landmark has introduced its Ordnance Survey\'s Building Height Attribute data and 3D data bundle

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The next phase of UK BIM adoption

The AEC (UK) committee has announced their intentions to update and expand the AEC (UK) BIM documents in line with the initiatives that are taking place in the UK construction industry

Design Scholarship winner announced

Computers Unlimited recently announced the UK winner of the Vectorworks Design Scholarship

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Case Study

When shutdown is not an option

Oasys MassMotion, the crowd simulation application that plots the movement of thousands of individual ‘agents’ in high-volume traffic areas, has been used to keep Toronto’s Union Station moving during its recent massive refurbishment

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Software Review


Linking infrastructure models to earth movers allows road and rail contractors to save both time and money, thanks to the integration of resources between Bentley's OpenRoads and Trimble's Business Centre - HCE Office Software

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That's just Capital!

The Bentley Infrastructure conference was held in London at the beginning of this month - a gathering of major users of Bentley's comprehensive infrastructure modelling tools, from all corners of the globe - with particular and growing emphasis from Far Eastern countries like China and India, where some very impressive projects are in hand. Faced with the scope and scale of developments in some countries, it was particularly pleasing to hear Greg Bentley, in his keynore speech, nominating London as the infrastructure capital of the world!

You only just have to look out of the window, he said, where you can count over 400 skyscrapers raising some very impressive buildings, and in one of the most complex and difficult cities to work in we have both Crossrail and The Thames Tideway Tunnel under construction, and plans for HS2 well advanced to expand the London success story northwards. But most importantlo, he said, it was our handling of BIM, with support from the Government, that was leading the world. Projects that Bentley are involved in worldwide always appear to have a BIM expert to hand, having earned their spurs on Crossrail or one of the other major UK BIM projects. Great Britain, he said, appears to be building its Empire again, but with this time with expertise!

David Chadwick

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