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A trio of asta developments

Asta Development has officially released the second version of Asta Powerproject BIM and is rolling the product out via its global reseller network for the first time

Talent spotting at the skills show

Graphisoft has announced a Rhino connection for ArchiCAD

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BIM product data templates from icon

The Industrial & Commercial Energy Association (ICOM) has announced the completion of BIM Product Data Templates (PDTs) for five categories of commercial and industrial heating equipment

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Exertis acquires computers unlimited

Exertis, distributors of IT, communication & home entertainment products, has acquired Computers Unlimited, the distributors of Vectorworks in the UK

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Case Study

Blade Stunner

SimpsonHaugh and Partners used Generative Design to shape their One Blackfriars tower concept, letting daylight into neighboring properties via a blade-thin, 50-storey skyscraper

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Online Bookings

The Challenge for AECOM was to deliver a high quality hotel refit on time. CONJECT provided the answer, replacing handwritten defect management with an online system

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Software Review

Predicting the future of design

Due for release in June, ArchiCAD 19 is taking a giant leap forward in BIM performance through its use of Predictive Background Processing

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Talk to me!

ZWCAD, the .dwg compatible application, has introduced voice annotation as one of the new features in its latest release

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Technology Focus

A Vectorworks takeaway

All the best parties end with a goody bag and the 2015 Vectorworks Design Summit was no different, sending attendees home with a bundle of exciting developments to look forward to

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The future, inevitably.

How do you make sure your application software is going to be able to take advantage of the inevitable evolution of digital technology. If you are one of the front runners, how far ahead does your imagination need to stretch, and can you envisage the capabilities that you will be presented with. Will your software use the latest features to the utmost without substantial modification - or will you have to, alas, return to base and reconfigure the way it works. A simple case in point - how many applications can fully utilise all of the power of a multi-processor workstation, or does one core do all the work, whilst the rest free-wheel?

So, whilst you might expect your CAD package to run faster, having bought the latest high powered workstation, you may not appreciate the agonies of the developer trying to get a one-track application spread the load a bit more efficiently over four or more processors. One developer, however, with either more foresight or luck, is ahead of the game. Graphisoft already has a speed advantage with the way it handles model updates, but to transform the user's experience switching between model views.

It's an eternal problem What will computing technology be like in 20 years time, and which software developers should be anticipating - and how will their current architecture handle it?

David Chadwick

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