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New Knowledge Transfer Partnership for Teeside University and Ryder Architecture

A North-East architects firm is attracting international clients thanks to a joint research project with Teesside University into cutting edge BIM technology.

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BIM module version 1.1 released

Business Collaborator has released version 1.1 of their BIM Module

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Greater point cloud integration for CAD software adds up with Arithmetica

Arithmetica has significantly enhanced its Pointfuse automated point cloud processing software with simplified integration for CAD software

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Case Study

Putting the roar of the crowd to the test

Simulation specialists ESSS have used ANSYS Multiphysics to test wind and other factors on the National Stadium in Brasilia. Paulo de Mattos Pimenta, Professor at the Polytechnic School at University of São Paulo, Brazil, explains

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Got the World Twinmotion

Create visualisations and 3D immersion in real-time with Twinmotion 2015

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Software Review

The 5th dimension of 3D modelling

Asta Development brings Bidcon BIM to the UK, adding cost estimation to its popular Asta Powerproject project management application

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Fail to plan, plan to fail

Ben Wallbank, BIM Strategy Manager at 4Projects by Viewpoint, highlights the importance of adequate planning for April 2016.

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BIM and Beyond

We have an article in the current newsletter about 5D BIM – the addition of a cost element to the BIM process to provide rolling access to the financial elements of a project. Bidcon from Asta Development can provide numbers at any stage of the BIM workflow enabling clients to access stage costs and budget overruns, tender estimates, the cost of resources and anything else where a figure can be attached to a component of construction.

Which illustrates nicely the fact that BIM is just the starting point for a whole raft of data based activities. The whole emphasis on the Government’s BIM strategy – a means to cut costs in a notoriously expensive sector of the industry – viz. public sector construction projects – overshadows the fact that the extraction of data from a 3D model can be used for other activities, as well. FIM, Fabrication Information Modelling, takes the data to pre-construct building elements, and building performance relies on it for much of its input. Civil engineering projects – roads, rail and other utilities are similarly wedded to the process.

Digging out and using the data is easy, with a variety of open formats available to do just that – the biggest issue is presenting it in a format that can be used by the recipient of the data. Fabrication is no problem, neither are environmental studies – but when it comes to buildings and the eventual users of that data – the Facility Management crew – I think that the current solution, COBie, despite its adoption of a commonly used format, might not be the best solution. Keep taking the mag, as I will attempt to justify that statement shortly.

David Chadwick

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