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So good they’re building it twice!

Nemetschek Vectorworks has becomes the headline sponsorship of Build New York Live, a collaborative, virtual design competition held over 48 hours starting on September 21, 2015. Winning teams will receive a prestigious Build Live award for their "Best Use of BIM for Design"

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Comprehensive flood map online

Following an agreement between aerial mapping company Bluesky and hazard mapping specialists JBA Risk Management, visitors to the Bluesky’s online Mapshop can now view and download a high resolution flood map for the whole of the UK

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Pointfuse models head to Sketchfab

Arithmetica is making 3D model project collaboration easier by taking advantage of Sketchfab, the online platform for sharing 3D files

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Software Focus

Like virtual Meccano

Tekla Structural Designer combines analysis with design, enabling engineers to configure optimum design solutions for buildings within one package

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Case Study

Geometrically Nonlinear Structures: or why it's good to be a lightweight

Modern lightweight structures, whether in fabric, cable, timber, concrete or stone, are nonlinear, long-spanning, flexible, highly efficient, and environmentally friendly. They can be used to create structures that soar. Oasys GSA structural analysis software brings the ideas they inspire to life, and here Oasys application specialist Peter Debney shares his enthusiasm...

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A World Cup winner

Graphisoft provided a perfect pitch for stadium design in Brazil with ArchiCAD, one that was quickly taken up by Brazilian architects FAA - with remarkable results

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A Smart Solution

CSCS smart cards are helping McGee to improve efficiency and safety by revolutionising its systems.

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Much more than the project filing cabinet

CONJECT has been selected by HB Reavis for document control and mobile inspections on the £68m King William Street Project in London

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Technology Focus

Why you’ll learn to love COBie

Ben Wallbank (BIM Strategy Manager) and John Adams (BIM Product Manager) at Viewpoint Construction Software explain the merits of COBie and how BIM solution, 4Projects by Viewpoint can secure your route to Level 2 BIM compliance

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Finding a Balance

There are a couple of good structural engineering articles in this newsletter – one looking at Tekla’s latest application – Structural Designer, which combines structural analysis with steel detailing in the release of Structural Designer, combining the best of both technologies to form a total structural design solution – the clue is in the name - and Oasys describing the use of GSA’s structural analysis to calculate stresses in thin lightweight structures – geometrically non-linear structures, which, lacking the linear stiffness of beams, rely on tension and compression to provide their strength.

Both are exciting in different ways, Tekla’s Structural Designer giving more creative power to the structural engineer’s elbow, instead of being subservient to the need to make an architects projects structurally viable, and Oasys’ GSA because it panders to my love for the balance you have to find between strength and lightness – the aim of building a bridge, for instance, that soars with minimum weight of material yet is strong enough to carry its loads. The structure of the form is critical – get the form right and the structure can span huge distances with minimal material.

It reminds me of some of the things we use to experiment with at school – maths or science class, can’t remember which - where we were given the task of designing maximum structures using just drinking straws. Some of the results were quite impressive. Wonder if the creators went on to become structural engineers?

David Chadwick

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