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Tender is the site for construction

TenderSpace is a newly-launched web based suite of tools developed for anyone involved in property or construction

Sheffield Uni Heartspace gets go-ahead

Bond Bryan's latest project for the University of Sheffield has just received planning permission, with work on site expected to start in 2017 for a 2018 completion

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Online BIM library opens for business

Progman has launched a free browsing library available at www.magicloud.com

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Event Preview

It's BIM up North

Liz Schofield outlines the agenda for the thinkBIM Spring conference, to be held on the 23rd of March at the Centre for Knowledge Exchange in Leeds

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Technology Focus

Trimble Structures

Tekla is renamed as Trimble, as it transitions to the Trimble brand

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Bentley's Advanced Work Packaging, a feature of ConstructSim, is the key to successful execution on complex projects

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Software Review

Bringing it all together

You can create a single federated model to handle design, construction and Facilities Management using Sitedesk, says David Chadwick

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Case Study

The art of structural engineering

The highlight of January's Lumiere London Festival for any self respecting engineer was surely "1.8 London", the ethereal Janet Echelman sculpture

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FM Delivery
It's getting pretty close to the BIM Level2 deadline, when construction companies bidding for public projects have to show that they can deliver a project complete with the level of information required by the owner/operator to manage it. The message has been plugged pretty hard for the last six years, and there can't be any company unaware of BIM and the proposed vehicle for delivering O&M information - COBie - and its accompanying standards.

Whilst COBie is an admirable solution that defines every aspect of a building that has a maintenance requirement - providing links to relevant documents, supplementary information, maintenance videos and so on, in a format that can be understood by all - it was specified in 2010 or thereabouts, and is, therefore, hamstrung by dated technology.

Because technology rapidly moves on, it now faces competition from other solutions. The federated building model is the source of COBie's data, which can now be accessed directly by Facility Management companies, who, because they have been encouraged to become involved in the process at a much earlier stage, can specify exactly what information they require - and in what format.

Bypassing COBie does not imply a diminution of standards. They still apply. Companies like Sitedesk that offer an alternative solution can still deliver COBie if required - or, like the education agency I heard about last week, who, given the opportunity to receive data in COBie format, opted instead for the in-house FM solution they had developed for themselves at some considerable cost.

David Chadwick

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