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MakerBot and Stratasys partnership

MakerBot and Stratasys have announced a sales partnership program that allows both companies to extend the cross-selling of their products and opens the door for sales partners to offer MakerBot and Stratasys 3D Printers

Property pioneer receives top honours

An award-winning property professional who became the first woman to hold a top construction industry role has received a prestigious honour from Birmingham University

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Site diary app for contract engineers

The need for accurate and comprehensive records documenting a project's progress are essential for establishing facts retrospectively in the case of disputes or other issues requiring investigation, such as health and safety or environmental incidents

Digital approval for CAD documents

The newly released SEAL Systems provides digital approval processes for CAD documentation

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Industry Focus

Evolution of an Industry

We asked Kenny Ingram, Director of Construction at IFS, to let us know what he considers will be the main issues in the Construction Industry in 2016 and beyond - apart, of course, from the BIM Level 2 deadline in April.

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Technology Focus

The Cube

Achieving BIM Level 2 using Vectorworks was recently demonstrated by taking architects through the creation of a hypothetical project - The Cube - and the BIM processes related to it

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Case Studies

Essentially Affordable Living

CONJECT’s information management package, conjectPC, proves a 'game changer' for Essential Living, a supplier of affordable property rentals in London and the South East.

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StruSoft proves a towering success

The 34 Storey Victoria Tower in Stockholm has been designed using StruSoft FEM-Design

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The Global Challenge for architects
Kenny Ingram, from IFS, looks at how the construction industry is evolving, and one of the first points he makes is about the need for better qualified entrants into the industry because of the increased sophistication of the tools on hand – 3D modelling, 3D printing, The Internet of Things (IoT), etc, to point to just a few. The problem is that companies are finding it hard to recruit those with the requisite skills at all levels.

He points out, though, the vast impact that those who do enter the construction industry will have on the countries infrastructure. I have long held the view that the challenges facing the world – and not just the UK – will stretch the talents of any architect who has to address the problems of global warming, scarce energy and water resources, urban migration, personal safety. Offset by the new and developing tools at hand – new materials and building methods, advanced building design software, enhanced building simulation and analysis tools, and building performance measuring tools, so that you can assess what impact your designs have on the community before they are built.

Who wouldn’t want to be placed in such an influential position. Who wouldn’t want to mould and improve the world for future generations?

David Chadwick

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