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Serpentine designs bring summer touch of magic

In tandem with the 16th Pavilion in 2016, the Serpentine Galleries has expanded its internationally acclaimed programme of exhibiting architecture in a built form by commissioning four architects to each design a 25sqm Summer House

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Merger to create 'World Market Leader'

Aconex, provider of a leading cloud and mobile collaboration platform for the global construction industry, is to acquire Conject Holding, a leading cloud and mobile collaboration service provider in Europe and other regions, for a total cash consideration of £65 million

'Evolving' City House design unveiled

Commercial property developer Bruntwood has unveiled design plans for 'City House' - Leeds' biggest collaborative workspace to date

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Case Studies

BIM Unbound

The recent Build New York Live awards recognised BIM Unlimited for Best use of Sustainability or Constructionability

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A Signal Improvement

Hatch Mott MacDonald Enhances Collaboration and Reduces Risk during Rail Signal Design using Bentley Promise's 3D Modelling Capabilities

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GPS assisted Tagging

McGee has won the National Federation of Demolition Contractors Corporate Innovation Award 2016 for its Mobile Inspection Manager

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Technology Focus

Bringing BIM to life with IFC

Sanjeev Shar, CEO at GroupBC, looks at alternative delivery solutions for BIM - advocating the benefits of full IFC delivery against the limitations of COBie

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The force waiting to be unleashed

thinkBIM believes it's high time to deal with the elephant in the room: the skills shortage

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Software Review

AV Schematics

connectCAD provides a quick and intuitive audio-visual schematic designer for Vectorworks users.

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Twinmotion provides ARCHICAD users with the ability to deliver high quality animation and visualisation in real time, says David Chadwick

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Who will build the future?
An interesting piece by thinkBIM in this issue, looking at the skills shortage in the construction industry – the big topic for 2016. Whilst thinkBIM is focussed principally on addressing the need to bring companies up to the level they need to comply with the Government's mandate, the article mentions other areas of concern, from the low level of entrants in a market which is predicted to need another 190,000 skilled workers by 2018, the flight of experts abroad - (is that the brain drain, or the drain brain drain - of civil engineers?) and the gap between younger and older generations.

Trying to delve deeper into the issue, I have wondered what skills are lacking? In the last newsletter I wrote about the fabulous opportunities presented to the young architect or designer - virtually unlimited software capabilities, new and exciting materials and building methods, the challenges of urban growth, the environment, transport and instant communications. Is this a Cinderella industry that can't attract the brightest designers who want to get into CGI, films, and auto design? Are our architectural icons too remote - and remoter still with the recent sad death of Zaha Adid.

Start young - and small. Over a million children are being given a mini processor to teach them to write software. What about another initiative from the construction industry - give them some lego add-ons and ask them to design a building to harvest the sun, recycle energy and waste water, build a wind generator - a class project, and forget about ‘the city of the future', teach them what can be achieved now. Might not fill the gap, but that 190,00- will grow to more than 250,000 by 2028 - and the publicity may drag some older budding architects out the classroom.

David Chadwick

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