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Lofty solution for Brazil's tallest building

Located in the fastest growing business region of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the WTorre Morumbi is the tallest corporate building in Brazil

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Zero Bills home energises market

Zero Bills has a bold ambition: to make home energy bills obsolete

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Guiding light tackles indoor air quality

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a design accessory for monitoring the indoor air quality in facilities such as offices and classrooms

Approved documents in the spotlight

NBS Research has been conducting a survey on behalf of the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), with a view to making the use of Approved Documents a more user-friendly experience

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Case Studies

LifeCycle Tower ONE

Dassault Systèmes is developing Smart Facility Solutions based on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, demonstrated by the LifeCycle Tower ONE (LCT ONE) building in Austria

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Along the right lines

A team was set up by Atkins and O'Rourke to explore the processes involved in the Government's 'Digitising the Railways' project to ascertain the benefits of working in a BIM environment

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Technology Focus

Revit in the Cloud

Autodesk has expanded the availability of its cloud-based collaboration service for Revit, following its launch in the US

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Software Review

A Legendary Release

Bluebeam Revu 2016 automates the update of legends for easier understanding of page annotations - amongst other great enhancements

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Tekla Structures 2016

Tekla Structures users were recently given a sneak preview of the features likely to be included in the upcoming release of Tekla Structures 2016

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Catching up with SketchUp

The latest release of the popular SketchUp's modelling tool - SketchUp Pro 2016 - improves core technologies to make the software even easier to use and more intuitive.

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The LifeCycle Tower
Describing the way in which the LifeCycle Tower’s sensors are used to provide feedback about the building and its occupants, Monica Menghini, executive vice president and chief strategy officer, Dassault Systèmes said that The Internet of Things (IoT) appears to becoming the Internet of Experiences. The LCT ONE project, in Dorbirn, Austria is the latest from Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCity initiative to virtually represent, extend and improve the real world and manage data, processes and people of sustainable cities. It looks at all aspects involved in urban design from architecture and infrastructure, to resources and inhabitants, and offers a means of sharing information between each – improving energy efficiency and the comfort of its occupants.

Trying to get a handle on the current state of the debate about global warming, and the impetus behind such developments, I dipped a toe into the controversy – and hastily withdrew it. Global warming appears to have been overtaken by Verbal warming with the heat arising from scientists vastly exceeding that from carbon fuels.

Of more importance though, is burgeoning population growth, urban migration, and the need to nurture declining resources – water just being the most critical of these. The LCT ONE project is a test bed for fine-tuning the latest technologies that will probably be used to ensure that future cities can sustain higher density populations.

The IoT tools being used are valuable, as well, in analysing the effectiveness – or otherwise – of advanced technologies, materials, traffic solutions and human responses to a wealth of new ideas spawning the cities of the future. Global warming – the only information I gleaned is that CO2 and methane emissions are increasing contributing to faster ‘greening’ of the planet – meaning I have to cut my grass every week instead of twice a month.

David Chadwick

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