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£62.6 billion increase in the pipeline

Analysis by KPMG has revealed a £62.6bn jump in the value of the UK Government construction pipeline since August 2015, reflecting inclusion in the pipeline of the full cost of HS2 to Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester, and additional spend on education and nuclear decommissioning

Smart city models with web streaming

CartoConsult can now deliver 3D city and building models, via the web to any internet connected device, on subscription

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Enlightened approach to show homes

Geomerics, an ARM company, has announced that its Enlighten real-time lighting technology, used in major gaming titles such as Star Wars Battleffront, is now being deployed to create virtual show homes for the international property market

Young church architect of the year

The National Churches Trust and the Ecclesiastical Architects and Surveyors Association are inviting entries for their 2016 church architecture awards and for a new 'Young Church Architect of the Year' award

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Case Studies

BIM off the blocks

Tekla has managed to set records in designing and building a venue for setting records in Azerbaijan.

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Along the right lines

Consultant Abdel Rahman Jaber in the United Arab Emirates has designed concrete elements using IMPACT, developed by the Swedish company StruSoft, for more than five years

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Software Focus

Exit Excel?

Bentley's ProjectWise EADOC delivers construction management in the cloud and improves collaboration with real-time visibility into your capital project risks and costs, writes David Chadwick

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Software Review

Fingers on the button

One Click LCA makes building environmental assessment a hundred times faster with BIM

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Researching the way forward

IES looks at past achievements and future trends in Building Performance Analysis

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A Zero Sum Game?

Stormwater management using Vectorworks site analysis tools was the focus of a fascinating presentation at the recent Vectorworks Design Summit in Chicago

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Biblical Proportions
According to the BBC, London has been experiencing rainfall of Biblical Proportions. I don’t know if this was at all connected with God’s intervention in the Referendum, as some have suggested on www.politicalbetting.com, a site I would highly recommend for some highly entertaining commentary on political matters and multi-faceted and wide-ranging opinions from contributors on all sides of the political spectrum.

Biblical Proportions hint's at catastrophic events that occur at infrequent intervals – any more frequent and God's petulance would increasingly be called to account. The problem is that such extreme events appear to be happening rather more frequently than normal - with shorter intervals between each – and they pop up in seemingly random locations around the country. A problem for any calculations that include localised weather information - such as MIDS methodology, mentioned in the article on Vectorworks Floodwater Management.

As new construction projects have to include flood risk assessment, the Environmental Agency that provides information on the different zones – Zone 1, 1 in 1000 probability of flooding in a year – Zone 2, between 1 in 100 and 1 in 1000 probability – Zone 3, greater than 1 in 100 probability – must be working overtime to update it’s data as extreme weather events accelerate.

Compliance with EA requirements for a site that is currently listed as being in a Zone 3 area, might cause future problems if the area is upgraded to Zone 2. Perhaps developers should take heed of the BBC and seek religious guidance on the likelihood of a project earning God’s displeasure.

David Chadwick

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