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Collaboration Project Management Structural Design Mobile BIM
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Cost Value Reconciliation
Feature | November 2021
A comprehensive Cost Value Reconciliation scheme should enable you to both manage and stay one step ahead of our current material and labour shortages
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Sign up for SketchUp for iPad Beta
News | November 2021
SketchUp for iPad (Beta) is an accessible bridge for architects and designers looking to move from paper and pencil to creating 3D models using an...
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Making 3D Models Easier to Use with AI
News | November 2021
Aerial mapping company Bluesky International and the University of Leicester are using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make 3D models easier...
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State-of-the-art Graphisoft Community
News | November 2021
The new Graphisoft Community merges Archicad Talk and the English-language Help Center into one, easy-to-search resource for users. The platform offers...
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Future Infrastructure's UK Rising Stars
News | November 2021
As part of Bentley's inaugural education programme the company has announced the UK finalist projects that have been selected for the 2021 Future Infrastructure...
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Made Smarter
Case Study | November 2021
3D Repo joins Buro Happold and leading steel fabricators in a project designed to revolutionise the steel reinforcement supply chain with a 'game-changing' breakthrough
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Dozers in the Cloud
Case Study | November 2021
Improving earthworks productivity with machine control using Trimble's Cloud-based WorksManager
Keeping Cool in the Classroom
Case Study | Novmeber 2021
IES, Bowmer + Kirkland and Integrated BMS have been working together to improve the operational performance of ESFA schools, using iSCAN and IESVE...
Who owns the Data?
Technology Focus | November 2021
Michael Barber, Director of Amodal, investigates the problems of data ownership in our digital world
Digital Twins: Beyond the Hype
Technology Focus | November 2021
The hype is increasing in the construction industry around the digital twin - but are users onboard with the trend yet?
Technology Focus | November 2021
As weather patterns increase the erosion of our coastline will speed up, meaning we not only lose land but also a diverse natural environment. David Chadwick outlines...

Latest Issue


Green Street

Environmental groups have been building up the pressure for this weeks COP26 conference in Glasgow - with Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion amongst others 'stepping on the gas'. The Government has also been chipping in with plans to force the country to switch, en-masse, to heat pumps within the next so many years, amongst a number of other sustainable measures.

These are piffling measures when arraigned against the total global demand for action but illustrate the dilemma of sacrificing personal comfort and responsibility for the good of humanity. At a personal level, practicalities come into it, as well. The cost of insulating the nation's housing stock is immense, and heat pumps are not particularly effective in old draughty houses. The cost of installing them is beyond the financial capabilities of many homeowners, or even landlords leasing large blocks of apartments.

An interesting solution is being showcased in Glasgow at COP26 – on Green Street, of all places! The inner city street is being brought to life by augmented reality to show a networked ground source heat pump solution that mimics the current gas network to deliver a solution to multiple properties. The solution shifts responsibility from consumers getting rid of their gas boilers and installing individual infrastructure for ground source heat pumps on an ad-hoc house-by-house basis, to the pre-installation of utility-scale underground infrastructure that allows consumers to easily and cheaply change to ground source heat pumps when they’re ready.

Such systems will be run by energy and water companies and local authorities, and as Simon Lomax, CEO of Kensa, the only UK manufacturer of ground source heat pumps and producer of the AR showcase, said: "It isn’t possible to reach critical mass or secure the cost reductions expected by government by adopting a house-by-house approach, placing responsibility to deliver our climate targets on individuals."

Kensa Group is a finalist at the 2021 Ashden Awards for Climate Innovation for a groundbreaking renewable heating upgrade project with Together Housing. The winners of this prestigious award will be announced at COP26.

Going into Print. I have a book which is currently being self-published. It will be available within a couple of weeks, or so.

The Digital Burp – a Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Human Beings. Co-authored by David Chadwick and SAVI 23/18, a semi-autonomous vehicle. It looks at the relationship between human and artificial intelligence and machine learning, with a 'tongue-in-cheek' political backstory. You can buy it on my website –

David Chadwick

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