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Collaboration Project Management Structural Design Mobile BIM
On board with Tekla Tedds
Feature | February 2023
The latest version of Tekla Tedds provides much more than just a library of engineering calculations for structural...
The Golden Thread
Feature | February 2023
With the October 2023 deadline for the Building Safety Act regulations now in place, asset owners must get ready...
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Cloud services enhanced with Apple
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Vectorworks has released key updates to the Vectorworks 2023 product line focused on providing users with...
Zero trust remote access for AEC firms
News | February 2023
FaroVertexGraph software provides a Zero Trust approach to remote file data access for AEC firms.
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Mergers and acquisitions in BIM market
News | February 2023
Cambashi has released its latest January 2023 BIM Software Market Update, which indicates that the BIM...
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CCTech’s HVAC-Twin is Powered by iTwin
News | February 2023
CCTech has announced the addition of HVAC-Twin to Bentley Systems' powered by iTwin program...
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Black & White and green all over
Case Study | February 2023
TOG unveils a landmark mass-timber office building in central London Designed by Waugh Thistleton Architects
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BERN 131
Case Study | February 2023
Architectural firm Atelier 5 have designed an iconic timber-framed building in Bern, Switzerland, that...
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The Independent
Case Study | February 2023
Taking on a high-rise tower project in Austin, Texas, justified Rhode Partners' choice to move to Archicad...
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Back to the future
Software Focus | February 2022
Sustainability and digital transformation will be key focuses in 2023, according to Håvard Haukeland
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New survey reveals construction industry confidence in the face of recession
Software Focus | February 2023
A new survey conducted by The Access Group's construction division questioned over...

Latest Issue


A Copper Bottomed Investment

Taking the dog for his morning walk in Minehead I pass the Lifeboat Station, a Victorian building which is being upgraded - adding a new section at the end with a copper roof. A copper roof? That's the most expensive type of roofing you can install – and the RNLI might be well supported but is, when all's said and done, a charity.

Had the RNLI's architect lost his marbles and ignored the current trend towards using sustainable construction materials, or flash with cash have they decided to go the aesthetic route? I did some quick research. Far from it. In fact Elgin marbles figure highly in his choice as Copper was used as roofing when the Parthenon was built in Greece in 447BC. It also figures in other celebrated buildings throughout history and outlasts most other building materials, offering superior performance in terms of aesthetics, flexibility and strength, durability, and longevity. Aesthetic appeal is not the sole reason to install copper roofing. It comes with a number of other advantages that make it an overall superior roofing material.

For one thing, it's maintenance and repair free, or unlike various kinds of steel, any additional coating or re-painting throughout its lifetime. Instead, copper roofs develop a characteristic green patina, acting as a protective coating for copper.

It provides superior safety in severe weather, particularly here where the Lifeboat Station is frequently battered in high storms, and homeowners that live in areas prone to severe weather know all too well the damage that nature can do their roofs.

It's a permanent material and by far the longest-lasting roofing material you can install, remaining impeccable and intact for centuries. It will never catch on fire and will actually stop it from spreading further.

It's also a lightweight material – with a lot less weight on the structure of the house you can have a greater variety of creative architectural designs available to you and because the roof will require less support, it decreases the cost of installation.

Most important, copper is classed as a green, sustainable material - one of the few that actually deserves the title. In America, as much copper is recycled and reused as is newly mined, thereby saving energy and precious natural resources. Your cooper roof will never end up in a landfill, and copper roofs installed today boast over 75% of recycled content, making itone of the most recyclable materials in the construction industry.

The RNLi has a big project ongoing, refurbing the old lifeboat stations around the country – all in a similar style. And they are proving that you can certainly do sustainability in style – and save a lot of bucks by going maintenance free.

David Chadwick

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