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Storage wars

How does Cloud storage really compare to more traditional physical storage? Kong Yang of SolarWinds explores the advantages and disadvantages of both, looking at how each can affect business processes and strategy.

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Flare enough?

By utilising Cloud systems and new technology to make flare gas capture more economical, energy companies can increase revenues and maximise profitability while at the same time significantly reducing their impact on the environment, explains Adam Chapman, Director of Global Marketing, Fluenta

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Private functions

Mark Smith, senior marketing manager of cloud solutions at SUSE, looks at some of the key drivers behind the trend toward private cloud

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Growing appetite for hybrid IT

Demand for Cloud computing is continuing to increase while colocation looks set to decline, according to new research from Pulsant

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Managed cloud hosting from 1&1

Container technology means maximun flexibility, security and performance

Fujitsu K5 live for UK users

First of four planned deployments

The French connection

Claranet continues continental growth

NaviSite on the money

Helping Mortgage Brain leverage Cloud for home buying

Case study

Capital gains

Private equity specialist Coller Capital is undergoing a 'Cloud transformation' with the assistance of CenturyLink

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Welcome to the August issue of the Cloud Hosting eNewsletter, which includes a thought-provoking piece from Pulsant looking at business’ changing requirements of cloud offerings. Interestingly, there is a definite maturity of outlook: we're not, say Pulsant, buying cloud for cloud's sake. Cloud is not seen as an ‘aspirational’ product as it might be by consumers; businesses are turning to its services to gain actual advantage and reap its benefits. They are buying cloud services based on the tasks that the business needs to fulfil.

"We've all been in the industry long enough to know that cloud migration isn't new. Instead, what organisations are focusing on is the way in which cloud is being used within their IT estates, and how they can properly leverage its benefits," says Matt Lovell, CTO, Pulsant. "What we are seeing - and it's supported by the research - is that there's a definite move to use different cloud models and solutions to properly benefit the organisation and maximise their resources and their budgets."

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David Tyler

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