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Just a reminder that voting will close on 5 October for the Computing Security Awards, so please make your choices by that cut-off date at www.computingsecurityawards.co.uk
We have had an outstanding response so far, but remember that, as a reader of the magazine and the monthly e-Newsletter, your vote is extremely important in this process. It is your vote that will help to decide which products, companies and people will see their names up in lights and honoured at our gala awards night on 13 October this year.
Meanwhile, here are more of our winners from the 2015 Computing Security Awards:

SME Security Solution of the Year

WINNER: WatchGuard - M300
RUNNER UP: Titania - Paws Studio

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Enterprise Security Solution of the Year

WINNER: Darktrace - Enterprise Immune System
RUNNER UP: Fortinet – ForiGate

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Education and Training Provider of the Year

RUNNER UP: University of Oxford

All of the 2015 Awards results can be seen by going to:


Please note: the winning products and services will not necessarily be the only solutions or the newest solutions available from the respective suppliers. You should contact these suppliers directly to learn more about what they can offer.

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Fightback against data breach onslaught

IT managers are saying they now thwart an attempted data breach at least once a month

Cyber attacks on rail network

The UK rail network has been compromised by cyber criminals at least four times in the past year.

Female techie boosts cyber security team

Preena Patel has joined Equilibrium Security - and becomes the latest of three graduates to join its security engineering team

Massive increase in loss of key data

Three out of every four organisations have been hit by the loss or theft of important data over the past two years

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Outgunning the criminal mind

Digital forensics are being driven by changes in the technology available – and product development is a direct response to this market pressure, says one expert

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The right train of thought

IT security training could not be more essential. But what should the practices and policies be that underscore this?

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Beyond the nightmare

Governance, risk and compliance are vitally important, especially as more and more legislation is introduced that could have grave consequences for any enterprise that flouts its rules

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Can managed security services providers – MSSPs – deliver the expertise, knowledge and infrastructure they need to secure them from Internet attacks?

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Product Review

Varonis DatAdvantage

DatAdvantage from Varonis is built from the ground up as a data access governance solution. Scaling across businesses of all sizes, DatAdvantage offers a wealth of sophisticated tools that take the guesswork out of identifying sensitive data and its ownership

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Internet of Things

Computing Security recently interviewed Dr Anand Narasimhan, managing director, Sims Recycling Solutions, EU & India, to garner his thoughts on asset management and disposal

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White papers

How to avoid a tangled Web

Web 2.0 aids enterprises in conducting business, but also introduces many damaging risks. Trend Micro offers its insights into Web application vulnerabilities and how to avoid these

Meeting European Data Protection and Security Requirements with CipherCloud Solutions

This white paper investigates how encryption and tokenisation of data can help companies that are subject both to EU data protection and general security laws to adopt cloud-based solutions and remain in legal compliance

Welcome to the September 2016 issue of the Computing Security Newsletter

At a time when ransomware and other attack techniques that exploit insider negligence have become rampant, I was alarmed to hear recently that only 39% of end users believe they take all appropriate steps to protect company data accessed and used in the course of their jobs.

Even more worrying is that this represents a sharp decline from 56% in 2014, according to a new survey of more than 3,000 employees and IT practitioners across the US and Europe.

The report was conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Varonis Systems, a provider of software solutions that aim to protect data from insider threats and cyberattacks.

Moreover, while 52% of IT respondents believe that policies against the misuse or unauthorised access to company data are being enforced and followed, only 35% of end user respondents said that their organisations strictly enforce those policies.

The new release, ‘The Widening Gap Between End Users and IT’, compares end-user practices and beliefs with those of their colleagues in IT security and IT generalist roles. This new analysis draws from the same data released by Varonis and the Ponemon Institute on 9 August this year, in a report titled ‘Closing Security Gaps to Protect Corporate Data: A Study of US and European Organisations’, which found a sharp rise in the loss or theft of data, an increase in the percentage of employees with access to sensitive data and the belief among participants that insider negligence is now the primary concern for organisations trying to prevent these losses.

It would seem that there is a massive disconnect still between an acute awareness of what has now become a pernicious threat landscape and the need to defend against that in a structured and appropriate way. That must change – and quickly – else more and more organisations will become victims. To make sure you get your copy of the Newsletter emailed to you personally, every time, click here to register.

Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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