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At a gala night at the Cumberland Hotel in London last month, the 2016 Computing Security Awards took place, celebrating all that is best in our industry.

This was a night to honour the winners, of course, who had come though against fierce opposition to secure their places in the limelight. But it was also a great opportunity to acknowledge all of those organisations and individuals who had fought their way into the finals in their categories, indicating what a wealth of talent and expertise now exists right across our industry - something that is serving to keep businesses safe from the relentless attacks being perpetrated at every turn.

Over the coming months in our newsletters, we will be singling out those who triumphed at the 2016 awards. You can see the full list of 2016 awards winners by going to: www.computingsecurityawards.co.uk


IT bosses fight back against data breach onslaught

IT managers say that they thwart an attempted data breach at least once a month, according to a new survey

Cyber attacks on rail network

The UK rail network has been compromised by cyber criminals at least four times in the past 12 months

Massive increase in loss of key data

Three out of every four organisations have been hit by the loss or theft of important data over the past two years, it is reported

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Female techie boosts cyber security team

Security engineering graduate Preena Patel has joined Equilibrium Security – the latest of three graduates to join its security engineering team in the last 12 months

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Alliance to help businesses defend against cyber attacks

Allianz Global Corporate and Speciality (AGCS) is tackling cyber threats head on, inviting BAE Systems Applied Intelligence to join its exclusive Incident Response panel

Renowned security veteran to drive strategy

Richard Stiennon, the renowned IT security veteran and former Gartner analyst, is now chief strategy officer for Blancco Technology Group

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Beyond the nightmare

Governance, risk and compliance are vitally important, especially as more and more legislation is introduced

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Outgunning the criminal mind

The role and importance of digital forensics are being driven by changes in the technology available

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Managed security services providers promise expertise, knowledge and infrastructure to secure organisations from Internet attacks. How well do they live up to their image?

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The right train of thought

IT security training could not be more essential. But what should the practices and policies be that underscore this?

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Product Review

Varonis DatAdvantage

DatAdvantage from Varonis is built from the ground up as a data access governance solution. Scaling across businesses of all sizes, DatAdvantage offers a wealth of sophisticated tools that take the guesswork out of identifying sensitive data and its ownership

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Computing Security recently interviewed Dr Anand Narasimhan, managing director, Sims Recycling Solutions, EU & India, to garner his thoughts on asset management and disposal

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White papers

How to avoid a tangled Web

Web 2.0 aids enterprises in conducting business, but also introduces many damaging risks. Trend Micro offers its insights into Web application vulnerabilities and how to avoid these

Meeting European Data Protection and Security Requirements with CipherCloud Solutions

This white paper investigates how encryption and tokenisation of data can help companies that are subject both to EU data protection and general security laws to adopt cloud-based solutions and remain in legal compliance

Welcome to the November 2016 issue of the Computing Security Newsletter

The prevailing news around security tends to be very negative and downbeat. Indeed, the received wisdom is that European IT security professionals are under overbearing pressure from adversaries when it comes to cybersecurity. While this may well be true, it’s heartening to hear that a new, in-depth, independent study into current attitudes reveals a profession that is more determined and confident than might be expected.

The real tensions in their working life are the difficult conversations IT security managers must have with their senior management bosses on the fallout from attacks, according to the findings of the research that was commissioned for Palo Alto Networks. Also highlighted in the report is a need to ramp up systems and processes for the comprehensive breach reporting required in the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive.

Furthermore, years of cyberattacks have not left IT security professionals reeling, it would seem; instead, they are more experienced and determined to prevent attacks. When asked about the impact of a cyber incident on them, the majority (60%) said it provided them with an opportunity to learn from the experience and bounce back stronger; only 9% said that it would lead to their job termination. Taking a strong preventive posture is the overwhelming strategy with, on average, 65% of the IT security budget allocated to this across Europe.

Palo Alton Networks suggests the following approach. “Within your prevention strategy, involve senior leaders in a readiness exercise to test cybersecurity processes, so they can understand and are engaged in the issues and risks.” New regulations, like the GDPR and NIS Directive, raise the bar on corporate responsibility, it adds. “The need for state-of-the-art cybersecurity has never been greater, but remind the leadership team it is an ongoing, evolutionary journey, with no nirvana.”

And no time to waste either, it should be borne in mind. Being secure is not something you can sit back and plan to put into effect in three months’ time. Failure to be as agile, nimble and reactive as the cyber criminals leaves you constantly open to a possible major breach.

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Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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