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Hacking Cloud Compliance Reviews


Life on the cutting edge

The way must now be paved for the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, tackling the barriers that businesses are facing, says the CBI

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Uniting forces to tackle cyber risk

The level of cyber exposure to which an organisation is liable can be a major concern – especially as many have no idea how large or dangerous that might be

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Mission? Detection!

New variations of advanced persistent threats continue to make the headlines. Now organisations are focused on fighting them off

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Attacks against applications have now reached new heights of intensity and sophistication. Just how do you keep the attackers at arm’s length?

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Mighty storm unleashed

New cyber-storm clouds are gathering, threatening even more potential damage than the fearsome Mirai botnet of 2016

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China crackdown

Censorship controls on social media are now rife in China as it enforces new draconian cybersecurity laws, posing serious problems for businesses active in the country

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SWIFT Customer Security Controls Compliance: An Application-Centric Approach to Cybersecurity

Charlotte Gurney, Group Marketing manager at Brookcourt Solutions & Partner (Cix Software), outlines how organisations need to change their approach to cybersecurity to meet the SWIFT customer security programme mandate

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GDPR: The Silver Lining

Are there four letters presently capable of generating greater fear and anxiety for organisations around the world than GDPR? Colin Tankard, managing director, Digital Pathways, seeks to alleviate those concerns

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Red Sift OnDMARC

Email is the weapon of choice for cyber criminals, with phishing and spoofing attacks increasing exponentially. Red Sift’s OnDMARC aims to streamline the entire process of implementation, reporting and ongoing management to counteract these assaults.

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Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

Malwarebytes’ next-generation Endpoint Protection (MEP) places seven layers of detection technology on your endpoints. Called ‘multi-vector protection’, it employs a signature-less, rules-based approach, to protect against known and unknown malware.

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Welcome to the January 2018 issue of the Computing Security Newsletter.

It’s deeply worrying to hear that fewer than half of all businesses and charities are aware of new data protection laws four months before they come into force, according to new research just released*.

Businesses in the finance and insurance sectors have the highest awareness of the changes to be brought in through the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is to be implemented in UK law via the Data Protection Bill in May 2018, as part of plans to help the UK prepare for a successful Brexit.

Businesses in the construction industry have the lowest awareness, with only one in four having knowledge of the incoming regulation. Awareness is higher among businesses that report their senior managers consider cyber security is a fairly high or a very high priority, with two in five aware of the GDPR.

The survey finds more than a quarter of businesses and charities who had heard of the regulation made changes to their operations ahead of the new laws coming into force. Among those making changes, just under half of businesses, and just over one third of charities, made changes to cyber security practices, including creating or improving cyber security procedures, hiring new staff and installing or updating anti-virus software.

Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Matt Hancock, comments: “We are strengthening the UK’s data protection laws to make them fit for the digital age by giving people more control over their own data. And, as these figures show, many organisations still need to act to make sure the personal data they hold is secure and they are prepared for our Data Protection Bill.

The Bill, it is argued, will give Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) more power to defend consumer interests and issue higher fines, of up to £17 million or 4% of global turnover, for the most serious data breaches.

The marginally good news is that, for those yet to make themselves compliant with the new regulations, there is still time – just about! – to prepare.

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Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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