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Computing Security Awards 2018

Awards and rewards!

Following weeks of nominating and voting, the eagerly-awaited results of the Computing Security Awards for 2018 were revealed at a gala ceremony in London. We bring you all of the winners and finalists...

Security Company of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2018

WINNER: Computer Disposals
RUNNER UP: Brookcourt Solutions

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New Product of the Year – Computing Security Awards 2018

WINNER: Cardwave Services - SafeToGo SOLO
RUNNER UP: Kingston Technology - Nucleum

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Editor's Focus

NHS breach – the true cost

The WannaCry attack that hit the NHS last year is estimated to have cost the health service a massive £92 million. Could such hard-nosed reckoning help in ensuring the NHS is more resilient in future?

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An IT hierarchy of needs

Charlotte Gurney, Marketing Manager, Brookcourt Solutions, opens a window on Enterprise DNS (Domain Name System) – a platform which enables a wide range of business transformation

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Tailored service - outstanding solution

A FTSE 100 luxury goods retailer, headquartered in London with a global footprint, needed the right solution to a security challenge. The right expertise was soon at hand

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Facing up to the facts

Should we be using facial recognition technology? It’s currently a hot topic in the US, where Amazon has asked for government input, while civil liberties groups in both the UK and US are fundamentally opposed to it

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Billions of records left exposed

A new global database of public data breaches reveals that 945 data breaches led to 4.5 billion data records being compromised worldwide in the first half of 2018

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Case Study

Secure and smart choice for TMX Recruit

TXM Recruit has been a FuseMail customer for many years. We took a few minutes to catch up with TXM’s Global IT Strategic Manager Brian Cook

Welcome to the February 2019 issue of the Computing Security Newsletter.

It is disturbing to hear that cyber criminals have placed 617million hacked accounts for sale on the dark web, stemming from 16 separate data breaches. The databases are listed on themarketplace Dream Market, alongside drugs, weapons and other illicit items.Depending on the breach, stolen data may include email addresses, passwords, location and other personal details.

This is a world where anything goes and it is almost impenetrable to those ‘on the outside’. Once data has been stolen and passed on into the labyrinthine maw of the dark web, that data is sold on, ending up in the hands of those who mean to make serious money out of the compromised data.

For those whose data has been hacked, it’s way too late for any regrets. Damage limitation is about as good as it gets after that. So, what is the answer? Don’t be a victim in the first place!

As Jason Hart, CTO of Data Protection, Gemalto,argues, adequately protecting a business’s data will reduce its value for cybercriminals and ultimately disrupt the marketplaces that populate the dark web.“For any organisation doubting the value of their data, they only need to look at the dark web to see that, in the event of a data breach, their data is being sold for thousands of pounds, enabling everything from fraud to further cyberattacks.

“However, while data breaches will happen, there are steps businesses can take to stop their, or their customers’, data from appearing on the dark web. By controlling access to the data itself through multi-factor authentication, encrypting the data and securing the encryption keys, hackers won’t be able to sell it and will fast lose interest, reducing the amount of data stolen in the first place. Only through encryption can you remove the ROI [Return on Investment] for hackers to want to steal the data in the first place.”

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Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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