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Hacking Cloud Compliance Reviews

Industry Focus

Putting Business At Peril

Kyle Chrzanowski, AT&T Cybersecurity Consultant, looks at the dangers of tech advancement without the insurance of security risk assessment

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Looking Ahead

A term coined at SecurEnvoy, A Shearwater Group plc Company, as being absolutely critical states: 'Identity of the user, Identity of the device and Identity of the data'. CEO Steve Watts explains all

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Expert Insights

Application Security Tools for Empowering IT Teams

We asked the Security team of experts at Brookcourt Solutions, A Shearwater Group plc Company, to give us their insights on how to stay safe in 2020

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Future Gazing

The Year of Living Dangerously

We ask those in the know for their thoughts and predictions on what may lie ahead for our industry in the coming months

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Hacking Attack

Stopping The Breaches

Of the 5,000-plus breaches reported in 2019, hacking is still the top breach type, exploiting new vulnerabilities to access sensitive information

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Why Regulations Matter

Are We All Fed Up of GDPR Yet?

Now is the time to embrace all of the positives the General Data Protection Regulation can deliver, says Steve Mellings, CEO and founder of ADISA

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Under Attack

Operation Blackout

A simulation exercise in London to examine government readiness to resist an anarchic group's hacking attempts had particular significance - it took place on the eve of the UK General Election

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Computing Security Awards: A Real Winner!

The 2019 Computing Security Awards at the Leonardo Royal Hotel, London City by Tower Bridge, were a huge success. We expect the 2020 awards to be even bigger and better, judging by the number of top companies already looking to compete and carry off one of our prestigious awards. As the build-up starts to gather pace, take a look at all the winners from last year’s awards at: https://www.computingsecurityawards.co.uk

Product Review

VIPRE SafeSend

In today's highly pressured work environments, it’s easy to enter the wrong email recipients or accidentally select 'Reply All' when sending a message. VIPRE Safesend eliminates such errors

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R&S Cloud Protector from Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity

The case for website and web application protection is well established, but it's time for a review

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Kingston Technology IronKey D300S

With the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) now in force, businesses have a legal duty to protect sensitive and personal data while it's in transit - and that means encrypting it

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Enterprise-wide Network Segmentation with Forescout eyeSegment

With the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) now in force, businesses have a legal duty to protect sensitive and personal data while it's in transit - and that means encrypting it

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baramundi Management Suite 2019 R2

Enterprises struggling to manage and secure their desktops and mobiles need a unified endpoint management (UEM) solution to wrest back control

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Welcome to the March 2020 issue of the Computing Security Newsletter.

Three in five (60%) UK businesses – the equivalent of 3.5 million companies – have experienced a cyber-attack or data breach caused by employee error, according to Gallagher, the global insurance broker, risk management services and consulting firm. The research amongst 1,000 UK business leaders found that these human error-caused cyber issues are having a major impact on UK businesses.

Among those who have experienced either a cyber-attack or data breach, three in ten (30%) said their businesses were ‘out of action for four to five days’, with a further third ‘up to three days’. Most common breaches were:

• Malware where an employee clicks on a fraudulent link (39%)
• Being caught out by a phishing email (35%)
• Data breaches (28%), meaning potentially sensitive information leaving the company systems.
It may seem redundant to point this out, but protecting the business against employee errors is a priority for business leaders – and it may not be enough to keep reminding them about the risk cybercrime presents. Human error, after all, is often about making the same mistakes over and over again!

One answer is to install preventive technology, which will go some way towards protecting the business, points out Gallagher. “However, with criminals increasingly sophisticated and the high risk of employee error, technology alone cannot defend against these attacks,” it warns. Only by taking a range of measures can attackers be thwarted – and, even then, only until they find another way through your defences. Sadly, we are living in a world where there are no permanent fixes. Constant vigilance is the only protection, albeit the chances of being breached will always be just one (false) step away.

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Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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