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New partnership paves the way forward
News | August 2020
Data security experts comforte AG have announced a new partnership with channel distributors Distology
Cosmetics giant Avon leaks 19 million records
News | August 2020
A misconfigured cloud server at global cosmetics brand Avon was recently discovered leaking 19 million records, including personal information and technical logs
Defect in Alexa sparks hacking fears
News | August 2020
A flaw in Amazon's Alexa smart home devices could have allowed hackers access to personal information and conversation history
British employees lax on cybersecurity
News | August 2020
After working from home for months, Britons have developed lax cyber security habits, using their work equipment to shop online, check their social media or forgetting to log themselves out of applications once they’ve stopped using them
Your organisation ‘hacked in 30 minutes’
News | August 2020
Positive Technologies’ experts have analysed the security of corporate information systems and prepared an overview of the most common security flaws and attack methods. The analysis shows that, for 93% of companies, the pentesters succeeded in breaching the network perimeter and accessing the local network
Malware menace
Technology Focus | August 2020
A privacy-first browser combining a built-in VPN with complete encryption aims to give users a fast, secure and discreet experience on mobile
Ransomware soars
Research | August 2020
Working from home can make IT systems far more susceptible to attack without the right security measures firmly in place
Remote workers targeted
Features | August 2020
Attackers have been quick to seek out ways of exploiting the many vulnerabilities laid bare by home working
Attack - no retreat!
Industry Survey | August 2020
The extent of cyber security threats has not diminished. in fact, quite the opposite, warns the government
Staying on guard
Industry Focus | August 2020
Fraud has seen an upsurge. But vigilance and good practice can help save you from being a victim, even after the current crisis has abated
Shedding new light on virus impact
Special Focus | August 2020
Addressing the need for cybersecurity training and preparedness during the on-going lockdown is critical, as Deshini Newman, managing director EMEA, (ISC)2, explains
APTs and COVID-19
Analysis | August 2020
A recent intelligence report reveals how advanced persistent threats are using the coronavirus as a lure
Under fire at home
Industry Focus | August 2020
Bad actors have been taking increasing advantage of the current crisis to create chaos, locking out employees and paralysing business operations
Voice of hope
Security Update | August 2020
Launch of the Online Safety Tech Industry Association (OSTIA) is hailed as a big step forward in the fight against online harm
Network Security Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019
Awards | August 2020
WINNER: Neustar
Encryption Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019
Awards | August 2020
WINNER: Egress
RUNNER-UP: Kingston Technology
DLP Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019
Awards | August 2020
WINNER: iboss
Identity and Access Management Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019
Awards | August 2020
WINNER: Swivel Secure
RUNNER-UP: Celestix
Awards | August 2020
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Welcome to the August 2020 issue of the Computing Security Newsletter.

As someone looking at buying a new car and selling off my old one in the not too distant future, I was alarmed to read a Which? survey that revealed how car owners could be putting their personal data at risk by not clearing their data before selling their vehicles.

In a survey of more than 14,000 drivers who sold cars in the last two years, four in five failed to wipe information transferred from their phones – such as contact numbers, home addresses and even WiFi passwords – to their cars before they sold it.

“When selling a car, we’re usually quick to remove our possessions – whether that’s CDs, a roof rack or personalised seat covers,” comments. Chris Harris, EMEA technical director at Thales. “However, many of us are failing to remove our more ‘invisible’ possessions and, with cars becoming increasingly connected, they are swiftly becoming a hotbed for potentially lucrative sensitive data, including addresses, recent calls and birthdays. The majority of us wouldn’t be comfortable sharing this kind of information with complete strangers, so it’s concerning to see consumers unwittingly hand this data across.”

Here are his three quick tips for keeping your data safe when selling your car:
• Consider all the places where your personal information may be stored and find out from the car's manual how to delete or erase it
• Go through any accounts or apps that you may have connected to the vehicle and ensure you’ve logged out and removed any saved data
• Finally, check for old-school methods of storing data. Did you have a USB stick or CD in the glovebox with music you were playing in the car? What else might that memory stick have had on it? Even files you thought you had deleted can often be recovered from hard drives and USB sticks.
Drive safely!

Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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