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Security Update | November 2021
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To pay or not to pay?
Feature | November 2021
Paying ransomware is a topic that greatly divides opinion. Cold logic might dictate that any demand is turned down. But what if it's a matter of life or death?

Welcome to the November 2021 issue of yourComputing Security Newsletter.

Just in case you think you've stepped into a scene from the new James Bond film, this is for real: Sir Jeremy Fleming, the director of GCHQ, is gearing up to wage a counter war against the cyber gangs who have been wreaking havoc around the globe, mostly backed up and goaded on by Russia and China, it's believed.

As the GCHQ chief flexes his muscles, he is poised to set the new National Cyber Force – a joint initiative between GCHQ, the military and MI6 - on the gangs, which have often had the finger pointed at them over the years as the source of countless state-sponsored attacks.

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), these strikes have been relentless. In September this year alone, for example, it identified 10 significant attacks, such as Chinese state-linked hackers targeting Afghan telecom provider Roshan and stealing gigabytes of data from its corporate mail server, as well as Russia's alleged involvement in the 'Ghostwriter’ cybercampaign, which targeted the elections and political systems of several member states.

With the UK and US also frequently hit, what can Sir Jeremy offer to balance the books? The new cohort of British spies that will be unleashed could use offensive cyberhacking to bring down criminal gangs behind damaging ransomware attacks, the director of GCHQ warns. In other words, massive retaliation at the most intense level.

For those who have often wondered what would start another global war, they needn’t do so anymore. It may be being fought with a new arsenal of weapons, but it is undeniably with us.

Enjoy our latest Newsletter, and stay safe and well ...

Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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