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Computing Security Awards hit all the right notes!
Analysis | December 2021
December 2021 was a momentous month for all involved in the Computing Security Awards – we were 'back in the room' with a live gathering at a London hotel to celebrate this prestigious event. And English National Opera singer Alexander Wall added extra oomph to the occasion!
Supply chain under stress
News | December 2021
Digital supply chain cyber security plans are not just something to be concerned about in the wider scheme of things, says Martin Tyley, head of UK Cyber at KPMG UK – they are “the safety net our country needs to survive and thrive”.
Collective action against ransomware sparks hope
News | December 2021
From the FBI’s attack on REvil to Europol’s arrest of key cybercriminals, the global fightback is gathering pace. But organisations are still being urged to look to their own protection.
Smart cyber hackers infiltrating online domains
News | December 2021
Intelligent cyber hackers are infiltrating online domains, exposing masses of customer data and remaining undetected for months, such as the recent GoDaddy data breach of over 12 million users, data reveals.
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Tackling the proliferation of cyber-attacks
News | December 2021
Real-world scenarios to test for business cyber resistance are being offered by the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, in a move to combat the proliferation of cyber-attacks. .
Cyber-attacks soar ‘by over 60% worldwide’
News | December 2021
Over the last year alone, cyber-attacks have increased significantly, with some industry reports stating that these rose by over 60% worldwide. As we move into 2022, the increase in the number of such attacks is likely to continue.
Transformation projects exposed to hackers
News | December 2021
Some 75% admitted that they had increased their risk tolerances to allow changes to their operating model (such as remote working) during the pandemic.
BT launches ‘Inflame’
News | Novembber 2021
Automatic detection and response to cyber-attacks underpinned with deep reinforcement learning.

Welcome to the December 2021 issue of your Computing Security Newsletter.

Research just released by managed security services provider Orange Cyberdefense reveals there has been a 13% increase in cyberattacks on enterprises over the past 12 months, with a rise in ransomware incidents and, for the first time, a noticeable wave of attacks against mobile devices.

The ‘Security Navigator 2022’ provides a detailed analysis of more than 50 billion security events analysed daily over 12 months (October 2020 to October 2021) by Orange Cyberdefense’s 18 Security Operation Centers (SOCs) and 14 CyberSOCs across the globe.

Monitoring showed that, of the 94,806 incidents flagged during monitoring as being potential threats, analyst investigation confirmed 34,156 (36%) to be legitimate security incidents – a 13% increase on the year before. More than a third (38%) of all confirmed security incidents were classified as malware, including ransomware – an increase of 18% on 2020.

It may not be an encouraging prospect to take into 2022, but it is necessary to confront it head on. The more vigilant everyone remains, the more likely it is that a successful breach will not take place.

On that positive note, it only remains to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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