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2022: where will it take us?
Feature | January 2022
We asked several industry observers to give us their top predictions for 2022, against a background of uncertainty and challenge. Here's what they had to say
Secure Password Reset 'made easy' with SecurEnvoy SecurPassword
Industry Focus | January 2022
Michael Urgero, senior security engineer, SecurEnvoy, offers his insights on solving the problem of lost passwords for users and the support team
Perenna – helping to redefine the future of mortgage lending
Interview Case Study | January 2022
Perenna is creating a bank where mortgages will be funded by covered bonds, allowing them to create 30-year fixed rate mortgages, with. Xcina Consulting assisting this future in several key areas
GDPR Certification Schemes – doing the heavy lifting for you!
Special Focus | January 2022
Was GDPR all hot air or, three years on, are we sitting on a ticking timebomb? In this article, Steve Mellings, Founder ADISA, weighs up the evidence
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The relentless rise of APT
Feature | January 2022
Stealth attacks by groups with the time and skill to infiltrate networks and steal data are soaring. How do you respond when such Advanced Persistent Threats are rife?
Top 8 security and risk trends
Research | January 2022
Global analysis and research company Gartner pinpoints where the greatest dangers lurk as we negotiate 2022
Real-world impact as cyber-attacks escalate
Analysis | January 2022
The National Cyber Security Centre lays bare, in a Computing Security special report, the spiralling threats we all face and how it is seeking to neutralise these
Quantum leaps – and bounds
Analysis | January 2022
Quantum computers will soon smash through the mathematical cryptography we rely on as a society, it is forecast. How do we keep ourselves safe then?
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New trains of thought
Special Focus | January 2022
Ongoing investment in cyber training and upskilling across the whole of a business is essential to prevent a major data breach
Computing Security Awards 2021: meet the winners!
Awards | January 2022
December 2021 was a truly momentous month for all involved in the Computing Security Awards – we were 'back in the room' with a live gathering at a London hotel to celebrate. Below, we relive the magic moment when the winners were revealed, with more to follow in the issues ahead:
Email Security Solution of the Year
Awards | January 2022
Winner: Libraesva - Email Security Gateway
Runner-up: HornetSecurity - Hornetsecurity 365 Total Protection Enterprise
Anti Malware Solution of the Year
Awards | January 2022
Winner: Watchguard - Panda AD360
Runner-up: Heimdal Security - Heimdal Threat Prevention
Incident Response & Investigation Security Service Provider of the Year
Awards | January 2022
Winner: Kroll
Runner up: Metacompliance
Network Security Solution of the Year
Awards | January 2022
Winner: Endace - EndaceProbe Analytics Platform
Runner-up: Sonicwall - Cloud Edge Secure Access

Welcome to the January 2022 issue of your Computing Security Newsletter.

The administrators of the largest illegal marketplace on the darknet for stolen credit cards are retiring after making an estimated $358m (£260m). Is it because the police are closing in on the ruthless criminals behind the racket? No – the anonymous owners of UniCC are stepping down more like retiring office workers: “We are not young and our health do (sic) not allow to work like this any longer,” they reveal.

The darknet is a part of the internet only accessible through special browsing software. Cryptocurrency experts at analysts Elliptic traced hundreds of millions of dollars in crypto-payments made to UniCC.

“One of the biggest headaches for the police remains the use of dark web marketplaces,” says Jake Moore, global cyber security advisor at ESET, pictured. “Their inherent anonymity attracts all varieties of criminal, leaving law enforcement with few crumbs of evidence to investigate those behind them. Once these marketplaces shut for any given reason, those behind it remain untraceable, leaving the fact it has ceased trading as the only positive news.”

Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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